The Christmas Curiosity Project

Have any of you out there heard of the Curiosity Project? It’s the best idea I’ve come across in ages, the Christmas Curiosity Project is only my second ‘go’ at it, but I think I’ll have to do it every time. The project is organised by Tiffany from Grant-Riley Weddings; the idea is that you compile a box of goodies for a complete stranger, having only been provided with their gender, address and a small sentence about their interests. Pictures of the boxes received by everyone from all over the UK, and sometimes even further, are then posted on the blog. Anyway, I remember describing my interests as something along the lines of “vintage/retro lover, loving anything crafty and DIY” and I received an amazing silver glittery box full of amazing treats from an anonymous sender! Here are the pics of my box. Get in touch if you sent it!!

Sally x


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