Down the Rabbit Hole… {Preview}

On Sunday I packed the car up, cleaned it out ready for dresses, cakes and paraphernalia ready for a shoot inspired by Alice in Wonderland, styled by Katy, owner of the magic fingers that work for What Katy Did Next, and Lynsey, owner of new company The Whistling Bunting.

Bright and early I set off to pick up Katy, we packed the car and happily made our way up to the cottages we’d been allowed to shoot in for the day….. However, my little car had other ideas and very sadly broke down for the very last time about half way there!

Around an hour later Lynsey and her husband Matthew came to rescue us, and we made our way up to where the models were already being made up, and miraculously managed to get through the outfit changes and ideas that we’d had just in time for the light disappearing and everyone having to make their way home.

Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come… and I’ll preview more in a few days..

Sally xx


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