Fighter Pilot..

One snippet of news I can share is that I’ve been asked to photograph the making of a short film by Eboracum at the end of March. Andrew & Meri, whose wedding I photographed at the end of last year, have asked if I’d like to get involved, and that they’d be constructing a 1950s film set FROM SCRATCH in Goathland near Whitby. They didn’t need to ask me twice…….

The film is called Fighter Pilot, and in Andrew’s own words:

“Fighter Pilot is a short drama set in the late 1950’s in England and centres around the spiritual act of past life regression*. 12-year old Tommy is the subject of a regression, at the request of his concerned parents, after recently speaking in detail about the war and, in particular, piloting and the Spitfire.

Gathering in the living room to witness the regression, the family are taken on an emotional and shocking adventure by young Tommy.

*Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations. Essentially, the belief that a soul of a person lives on after death and is reincarnated into another body.”

The set so far..

You can find out more about the film here, and the project is also asking for funding if you have a spare few bob, Andrew has even offered incentives for the contributions of different amounts, so if you’re a fan of independent cinema or want to support up and coming talent in the area please see what you can do here.

I love photographing weddings, but I am SO excited to get stuck into a different kind of project, and to work with film-makers and other creatives.

Big thanks to Andrew & Meri for asking me to be part of it, I can’t wait!

Sally x


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