Another few Alice snaps and a bit of chit-chat…

I know, I know… I tease too much. The full Alice shoot from a few weeks ago is going to be blogged this week on Brides Up North, but I just couldn’t resist sharing a handful more instant photos. I promise that as soon as they’re revealed I’ll put them all up here too for your perusal.

I am holding my first ever competition in time for Valentine’s Day, you and your beloved could win a Love Shoot…. Check it out here and give it a go ❤

On Saturday I met up with a lovely bride and her mother to chat all things ‘wedding’.. and ended up nattering on about a few nightmare scenarios, including (horrifyingly!) the bride’s mum’s wedding in which the priest had had a few too many sherries and drunkenly began the ‘marriage’ by reading out the funeral ceremony…?! As mishaps go it can’t get much worse than that! *touch wood!*

On Sunday I had an exciting Skype meeting, but more on that later……………

And finally, today I took some promo photos for a feature on an up-and-coming broadcast journalist.. as well as finding out that Andrew & Meri’s winter wedding will be gracing the pages of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings this week too!

Did you all have a good weekend?

Sally xx

PS Yes I have painted my scraggy nails since these photos were taken!


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