Experiments with Expired Film

A few months ago I visited a car boot sale/indoor flea market at Tynemouth, a gorgeous seaside town near Newcastle, with my sister, I ended up buying a few old cameras which didn’t work (a strange habit that I can’t kick!) and a bag of expired films, standard 35mm and 120. I had no idea what the results would be like apart from that the colour and contrast would be altered.

I took my little 35mm automatic camera (also from a market… there’s a trend developing here..) to January’s birthday parties. Now, I hardly ever go out at the moment so two parties in the same month was a big deal! Olivia turned 21 and one of my best friends Katie turned 23, in Newcastle and London respectively, and both were equally… shall we say… lively.

Here are the best of a very bad bunch of photographs I had developed today. I know their ‘look’ is all over the shop but there is something so fascinating with film, and I love the strange colours and crazy contrast, even if it did steal a lot of the detail.

I still have about 5 rolls of 120 film to develop but my favourite camera shop here seems to have closed its doors and I’m still scouting out a suitable replacement 😦

Sally xx

PS doesn’t Katie look like the perfect ‘Birthday Girl’.. and also a little like Princess Peach from Mario Bros??


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