Sample Album..

Finally my sample album is here…. and I absolutely love it!

I decided to go for the art-book type album rather than a chunkier option, it was my personal favourite and I love the idea that it can be a ‘coffee table book’ to keep out somewhere around the house.

It’ a traditional size, around 12″x12″ (£160), and there is a smaller ‘parent size’ available at 8″x10″ (£100).

Anyway, here are the pictures and there are more specifics about the album below the gallery…

Sally x


Linen covered album (with a choice of colours) with a removable sleeve cover (fully customisable)

12″x12″ for the full size (£160)

8″x10″ for the parent size (£100)

Thick, matte art paper


I would put the album together for you, usually in chronological order, beginning with bridal preparations and finishing with the reception. I would send you proofs for you to check my image choice and layout, and we then work together until you are completely happy, at which point I send the book away to be made, which usually takes a few weeks. The book is delivered to me, I check it over and then send it over to you to keep forever and show everyone you know!


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