Work, work, work..

It’s all go over here, so I apologise for a lack of posts! I have a backlog and also not enough time to do everything I’d like at the moment, meaning blog posts have fallen by the wayside temporarily..

I have 11 weeks of uni left until freedom, our belated honeymoon and getting cracking with wedding season! Photography is the only colour in my life at the moment, I have new kit and I haven’t had to opportunity to really go and play about with it!

I’m doing kiddy winks and a family shoot this weekend, which I can’t wait to get out for, and 4 ‘inspiration’ shoot plans coming up in the next few months, including being asked to be second shooter for fantastic local photographer Katie Byram this month.

Here is the view from my life at the moment and I promise to post something more interesting very, very soon!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Sally x


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