Tracy & Chris {Preview}

Ahhh Tracy & Chris’ wedding was amazing! They asked me to come along for a few hours for the evening reception, as they actually got married in Costa Rica a few weeks ago and had their honeymoon in one go.. When they got home they threw a VE Day/Post War/1940s themed bash and really. went. to. town. Have you seen the guests outfits too?!

Every table was decked out differently with all kinds of paraphernalia from table lamps, to jars of pansies to books..Favours were homemade whisky (labelled Yak’s Piss..!) for the men, and sourced vintage brooches for the ladies.. Bunting poured from the ceiling, and when the lights dimmed, the room was completely transformed into a retro haven ready for a good knees-up!

Here is a small preview of photos from the day, rest assured that I’ll get this set edited as soon as possible, there’s plenty more to come!

Can you believe they only started planning in January?!

Sally x


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