Let’s play catch up..

To all followers out there, I’m sorry I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog.. I’ve been tying up loose ends at uni and had my final exams last week (5 in 5 days.. whose great idea was that?!).. but now my own wedding season has begun I promise to be more attentive in the future.

Now I have slightly more free time I’ve embarked upon a 365 project to develop my personal portfolio and hopefully keep me creative.. The 365 project is a photograph a day for the next year.. There are only two so far but I’ll most likely post on a monthly basis to show what I’ve been up to on here and on my facebook site..

Here are the first two, a very lovely lady from Whitby Goth Weekend and fab couple Tracy & Chris from their wedding reception on Saturday:

In other news, Love My Dress have featured What Katy Did Next’s Alice shoot which I photographed..

I flicked through Belle Bridal Magazine and found a few of my photographs..

I’ve started collecting a few gorgeous wedding dresses for June’s shoot, and hopefully lined up a videographer to make a short film of the day..

I took Vivienne, my sister and her friend down to the first ever Wedding Institute in Saltburn.. Vivienne ADORED getting her nails done by Nancy Loves Nails and hasn’t stopped talking about them since..

And more than anything I’m celebrating having some flexible time! This week I’m taking Vivi to my friend’s farm to see the lambs, a Sal’n’Dav’n’Vivi day, seeing friends on Saturday, family on Sunday, leisurely cooking and family dinners..  and generally catching up with everything I’ve had to push to one side for uni recently.. BRING ON SUMMER!

Sally x


2 thoughts on “Let’s play catch up..

  1. oh sally thats so weird ive just enquired to Nancy loves Nails…..i love their stuff!!! loving vivs nails! looking forward to seeing you all x

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