Contemporary Kiltz

Today I was asked to take photographs for a second shoot with Contemporary Kiltz, I was thrilled to be part of it. Clare has been making ‘kiltz’ for years, and really has a unique product in that they are made with the best quality traditional tartan, but has put a spin on the design adding a modern waistband and showing how they can be dressed up with everything from denim jackets to Aran knits.

We all met up at a family friend’s house in the village I grew up in (you could very nearly see my parents’ house from the garden) and I was gobsmacked at just how amazing a location it was! I had complete house envy, especially when I spotted so much amazing original artwork covering the walls and a fully stocked bar in the billiard room! We made good use of the space as best we could, later taking a few shots to send off to an agency for location shooting. I turned down a bowl of soup and homemade bread to later find out that the family owned a catering business who have worked for gigs from T in the Park to Jay Z to Elton John.. Doh!

Here is a small preview, and big thanks to Clare & Gillian for having me again!

S xx


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