My little Vivienne..

.. turned 3 today, and all day I’ve been questioning where the time went.

In the past 3 years Dav and I have.. moved back to the North East from Liverpool (and become a bit ‘stuck’ in Middlesbrough), transferred universities, started Sally T Photography, I got my degree, we got married, 7 weddings last year, nearly finished a masters degree, popped off to Thailand, Dav finished his degree, around 30 weddings booked in for this year (including one in New Jersey – YAY!) and in total have moved house three times. It’s been the most trying few years we’ve ever had but somehow we always pull through in the end; Dav and I have gone from boyfriend and girlfriend to being family.

Dav and I sometimes wonder how everything would have been had we not had Vivienne; we’d probably still be milling around Liverpool not really sure of our next step without her, and although we may be able to stay out past 8pm or wake up after 9am we wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy as we are now.

So here’s to Vivienne. She is an absolute joy.

Sally x

PS First pic courtesy of Dav.



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