Louise & Kurt

I travelled down to the big smoke for Lou & Kurt’s wedding, I couldn’t wait. They had told me they were having a small and intimate wedding; just about the wedding, friends and family, and that it would be vintage and chic in some way or another. I got the train on the morning across to Louise’s friend Suze’s house, and was welcomed with open arms, and even given breakfast which is always a perk (especially when it’s pate, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels..)

Louise’s brother (bro-maid) Richard was running errands, Lou was having her hair and make up done, and Suze was running around putting things away as her house was in the middle of building work – it was the most lovely organised chaos ever, and I felt like I’d known them all for years. Lou looked amazing, a gorgeous beaded flapper style wedding dress, a feather shrug, embellished shoes, a retro kink in her hair and London-bus-red lips.

We got in a cab across to Chelsea Town Hall on Kings Road, to greet a bit of confusion as we were told to go here, there and everywhere, before being let into a side door to get ready for Lou & Kurt’s ceremony. The registrar was the loveliest old gentleman, and despite a hiccup from a taxi driver meaning some guests arrived just after the vows, the ceremony was short, sweet and just about them as a couple.

After confetti, greetings, celebrations and hugs all round we all walked down to The Phene, where champagne was waiting on ice.. and the bridal party got a cheer and a round of applause from other diners! Everyone relaxed and chatted, before later wandering down to the Albert Bridge for pictures with a glass of fizz in hand. Kurt and Lou were so playfully in love, it was a joy to be around. Every time I asked them to look to each other one of them licked the other’s nose or pulled a silly face; later Lou told me they spend far too much time at home play-fighting and mucking about which I just love.

For the evening the guests went for private dining at the Cheyenne Walk Brasserie, being served gorgeous canapes and martinis on arrival (which, again, I sampled). Lou, Kurt and I wandered out to get a few last couple shots, before I left them to enjoy what looked like it was going to be a bijoux, intimate evening.. which would more than likely turn wild later on!

I’d say something about their honeymoon at this point, they’re literally travelling the world bit by bit over the next few months, but I’ll turn as green with envy as I did when I first heard- I think they’re currently in Peru before moving to Australia some time next month.. shame – I wanted to hang out with them at some point in the future again.. and Suze!

All the best for the future you two – I bet you’ll have a blast! (See them on Love My Dress here..)

Sally x


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