My 2012

I loved 2012. This year I felt like I was meant to be doing this, and laughed and cried (happy crying!) more than ever. Each and every time I packed up ready for a wedding I felt so unbelievably lucky that I was off to share in the joy of people getting married and it honestly is the best job in the world.

I went into 2012 with 6 weddings in my diary, and ended up doing over 4 times that.. plus children and family shoots, commercial shoots, inspiration shoots as well as personal projects and photos along the way.

Here is how the year has turned out.. A big mish-mash of my favourite pics of the year in no particular order..

2012-round-up-131 184467_440694419317473_1402030356_n 2012-round-up-41 Amy & David -279 stp-thimble-bobbin-14 2012-round-up-191 2012-round-up-171 2012-round-up-221 natalie-steven-11 2012-round-up-181 Amy & David -52 2012-round-up-71 mish-mash-eclectic-inspiration-shoot-sally-t-photography-16a 2012-round-up-111 2012-round-up-211 2012-round-up-491 2012-round-up-44 2012-round-up-141 305047_409958989057683_558270522_n 2012-round-up-271 2012-round-up-110 2012-round-up-5 2012-round-up-231 Amy & David -330 2012-round-up-91 564993_409959182390997_640601452_n 2012-round-up-331 2012-round-up-61 2012-round-up-341 564133_414628815257367_987870510_n 12624_440694485984133_1149378618_n 66577_426093930777522_109924203_n Amy & David -282 9195_440694672650781_1045487574_n 2012-round-up-20 stp-welcome-home-36 natalie-steven-6 2012-round-up-291 403548_440694819317433_582849663_n 2012-round-up-42

amy-keyan-12 amy-keyan-63 2012-round-up-301 nyc-19 320404_414629928590589_241101694_n Amy & David -120 2012-round-up-501 img-20120117-01075 2012-round-up-40 2012-round-up-351 2012-round-up-471 Amy & David -2 581135_372206236166292_34707785_n 301219_406010009452581_1933425514_n 564723_408215829231999_1659233510_n stp-thimble-bobbin-13 sally-t-photography-6 Amy & David -380 img_3099 2012-round-up-261 mish-mash-eclectic-inspiration-shoot-sally-t-photography-3 bbcgradmag shonagh-ben-5 528487_414629468590635_1220336430_n Amy & David -349 531992_440693982650850_957808631_n 2012-round-up-461 Amy & David -94 sally-t-photography-8 derek-thurrell-13 nyc-26 2012-round-up-311 mish-mash-eclectic-inspiration-shoot-sally-t-photography-25 Amy & David -430 525913_372206609499588_242445771_n stp-st-anton-1 bryde-rob-4 559519_426093777444204_2049505754_n stp-vv-10 2012-round-up-410 2012-round-up-281 2012-round-up-12 304340_409959215724327_1944042381_n stp-emily-1 Amy & David -442 steven-natalie-747 sally-t-photography-5 thailand-stp-30 preview-3 preview-5 stp-redcar16 stp-vv-21 the-mcmullen-family-28 preview-6 stp-welcome-home-67 sally-t-photography-1-5 the-percivals-43 stp-redcar8 sally-t-photography-7 sarah-chris-8 shonagh-ben-8 stp-cb-2 stp-emily-3 stp-jo-andy-4 stp-welcome-home-4 stp-lp-111 stp-redcar12 stp-thimble-bobbin-11 stp-vv-11 stp-welcome-home-45 stp_-_1 thailand-stp-6 wkdn-winter-70

I’ve loved 2012. It hasn’t been without its fair share of stress but it’s been my most rewarding year yet… I still have a long way to go but I couldn’t be happier on the way there. There are some AWESOME couples and weddings next year and I can’t wait to get to know you all better and see you get married! I still want to do so much, and really want to get organised doing some personal projects next year – I always say I’m going to and in 2013 I’m going to put time aside and make sure I do.

I hope you’ve all had an amazing 2012 and have high hopes for 2013 to be even better.

Enough blabbing on… See you next year!


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One thought on “My 2012

  1. And your work keeps getting better and better! Have loved nosying at all your weddings this year as well as working with your fab self! I’ve just noticed we have worked on 5 shoots together in 2012 – sounds like tons! Here’s to 2013! 🙂 xx

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