Plans for 2013..


Have work published in a national magazine. (Just after I wrote this a little bird told me it might be happening soon… shh!)

I’m going to do my first wedding fair.. eek!

Carry a camera everywhere.

Paint and draw more.

Make time for personal projects.

Make family albums.

Make our wedding album.

Take a trip with Dav and Viv. Interrail?

Move house.

Swap the car for walking for one journey per day.

Keep on top of my personal blog/diary (see below).

Have a big house clear out.

And I quite want to get my nose pierced and get another tattoo… (quarter life crisis anyone?!)


..I’m also not going to be posting anything about my family life on this blog anymore and am keeping a personal blog over at instead. It’ll most likely be more like a diary than anything else, but if you’re like me and like a bit of a nosey every so often then you’re more than welcome to have a look.

Picture 2

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