Initially.. this may seem like a cop-out. This is my little girl, Vivi.. and working trying to get some nice shots of her is so much harder than when I run off to a local park to do a family/children/baby portraiture shoot with some lovely people that have booked me to get some nice snaps. Yes, I point my camera at her very regularly.. no, she doesn’t stay still.. and no, she never does what I ask her to when I try and take her picture.. I’ve wanted to get some close ups of V for a while.. suddenly she’s a little girl and I have no idea where my baby went..

Here are a few from 5 minutes in some gorgeous light outside our front door yesterday afternoon. (Taken in-between her doing her owl impression from ‘The Gruffalo’ and her personal interpretation of ‘Gangnam Style’)

Sally x

IMG_8330-2 IMG_8331 IMG_8335 IMG_8341 IMG_8342 IMG_8349 IMG_8358 IMG_8359 IMG_8362 IMG_8363-2 IMG_8371

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