Stonehouse Street.. {Personal Project}

I’ve always had a fascination with the old, the industrial.. peeling facades, rust and old hand-painted signage. Near us are a few back streets making up a small industrial estate and I’ve always wanted to take my camera (even though D told me to watch out as is attracts ‘interesting’ characters..) I also quite fancied posting it as my last bit of personal work before my wedding season really kicks in a week on Saturday (SO EXCITED Greg and Kelly!) and my blog will be filled with much ‘prettier’ offerings than today’s post in coming weeks..

Anyway, here are a few from a little visit there a few weeks back..

sally t photo-25 sally t photo-26 sally t photo-30 sally t photo-31 sally t photo-33 sally t photo-34 copy sally t photo-35 sally t photo-37 sally t photo-39

See more personal work on my main website here.

All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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