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I promised myself that this year I’d keep trying to do personal work as well as commissions.. I love weddings and portraiture but I also love the difference of snapping the everyday, architecture, messing around with film, normality and taking out a camera with my for the day just because. Here is a little collection of pictures taken with my La Sardinia lomography camera and some from my Canon. I love the contrast of both.. and waiting back for film to be developed then sitting in the car flicking through prints is still one of my favourite things..La-Sardina-Alternative-wedding-photography-20 La-Sardina-Alternative-wedding-photography-32cinema wedding newcastle movie -11 cinema wedding newcastle movie -33

La-Sardina-Alternative-wedding-photography-30 La-Sardina-Alternative-wedding-photography-28cinema wedding newcastle movie -21

La-Sardina-Alternative-wedding-photography-26La-Sardina-Alternative-wedding-photography-19 La-Sardina-Alternative-wedding-photography-22 cinema wedding newcastle movie -34

See more personal work on my main website here.

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