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A  personal post.. Life has started to fly by again as wedding season kicks in, at this end we’re trying to take time between my husband finishing his Masters and me wed-iting to grab some moments to spend as a family. Here is a little post about how the past few months have been spent..

As the year trundles on my work load is growing, and I’m loving being back into the swing of seeing people marry and being lucky enough to photograph it, and really enjoying being that bit busier and running about a bit more..

Rachel and Andrew -324

Last month I did my first wedding fair.. (And some of my photos from it were blogged on Love My Dress here..)

wedding-institute-alternative-photographer-18-copyWe took a little family mini-break.. I took a photographers’ trip away on the Welcome Break..

lakes-blackpool-liverpool-129Lots more family shoots coming up this month..

Sally T Photography -061Trying to squeeze in more personal work and keep trying new things.. (hopefully more projects to come..)

alternative-portrait-photography-elizabeth-55 We have a new niece or nephew and cousin for Vivienne due next month (So. Excited.).. Heading to Italy for Rosie & Jon’s wedding (and maybe a few days to relax and enjoy a few glasses of wine sitting outside a gorgeous cafe somewhere..?) And, perhaps more importantly, making time to enjoy the sun and relax, play, BBQ, chill out, enjoy date nights and muck around outside while Summer lasts with David and Vivienne..

viv-hulaA few below from my Instagram.. Since getting a new phone I’m a convert.. Also loving the A Beautiful Mess app for doodling over your photos..

Picture 8

What are your plans for Summer?

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