Emma & Ben | Preview

It was wonderful watching Emma and Ben get married  with daughter Noa (best-dressed flower girl ever..) by their side. Here is a little preview from yesterday..

Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-1Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-12 Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-2 Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-3 Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-4 Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-5 Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-6 Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-7Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-11

Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-8Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-9 Emma-Ben-Star-Inn-alternative-wedding-photography-10

All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.

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