Kate | Maternity Portraits

Maternity shoots are something that (before Anna a few weeks ago) I’d never really done, and also something that I regularly see online. Forgive me, but the photography I usually see with maternity portraiture isn’t really my cup of tea, so I wanted to try it but in a way which is a bit more fitting to my style and my tastes. Luckily I’ve so far had the pleasure of working with two very photogenic mums-to-be.. This is my good friend Kate, whose lovely little baby will be arriving in this world quite soon, a little earlier than planned. I can wait to meet her latest addition and to see her 2 year old son Miles playing the role of big brother.. Here are a few from the bump shoot I did with Kate a few weeks ago..

Sally xKate-1 Kate-2 Kate-6 Kate-8 Kate-9 Kate-10 Kate-12 Kate-14 Kate-18 Kate-20 Kate-21 Kate-26 Kate-32 Kate-33 Kate-37 Kate-41 Kate-44All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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