Rosie & Jon | Preview

I don’t really know where to begin to tell you about Rosie & Jon’s wedding.. It’s been completely different for me shooting and editing a couple when you know them well as part of your family, have watched their family grow over the past few years, get engaged, moving houses, spent holidays with them..  knowing everything that has preceded them in their relationship before standing up together in front of kiddywinks, family and friends and saying their vows.

We all travelled over to Italy, landed in Rome (survived driving a hire car on the ring road), climbed a winding road high up into the hills to find Arpino, spent nights in the piazza drinking wine, ate antipasti, watched the kids running around (until the wee hours).. All topped off with a fantastic wedding surrounded by dozens of family and friends on both sides..

Here is a small preview from Rosie and Jon’s wedding.

Sally x

Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-1 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-2 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-3 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-4 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-5 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-6 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-7 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-8 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-9 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-11Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-10Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-12 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-13 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-14 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-17 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-18 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-19 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-20 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-21 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-22 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-23 Olivia-Graduation-1 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-24 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-26 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-28 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-27All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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