Jaclyn & Tim | Preview

I met with Jaclyn and Tim back in the Springtime, and they showed me around the barn they were going to hold their wedding reception in. A working barn, completely with farm equipment, tractor, straw, mess and, well, smell. They told me they had a vision for their and I never doubted for a second that this pair wouldn’t pull it off – I just never imagined it to look as amazing as it did.

Accompanied by their beautiful son, William, whose christening followed the ceremony, they married on Friday and I couldn’t have been happier to be part of it with the help of the wonderful Darren Mack Photography. Amazing.

As I left, Tim said: “You know, I think we pulled it off.” See for yourselves, here is a little preview of their day..

Sally x

jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-1 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-2 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-5 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-6 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-7 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-8 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-9 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-10 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-11 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-4 jacyln-tim-yorkshire-barn-wedding-12All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.



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