Emma & Ben | The Star Inn at Harome

I love Emma, Ben and Noa. From the moment we met for an initial chat about their plans I thought “I really hope they want me to take their photographs… I want to see them all again!” Luckily they did, and I got to see Emma a few times in the run up and hear about their plans for a star-themed (to tie in with the name of the venue) wedding, with amazing touches from What Katy Did Next, a homemade tutu to be worn with Converse for Noa.. and sequined 20s wedding dress and an intimate reception for just family and close friends.

It felt like I was around old friends all day and I loved every minute – I left them after they ordered his ‘n’ hers pints in the pub across the road, the best way to end a wedding day. Emma, Ben and Noa, I hope to see you soon!

Sal xEmma & Ben-001 Emma & Ben-005 Emma & Ben-008 Emma & Ben-009 Emma & Ben-014 Emma & Ben-016 Emma & Ben-017 Emma & Ben-021 Emma & Ben-024 Emma & Ben-029 Emma & Ben-042 Emma & Ben-044 Emma & Ben-056 Emma & Ben-057 Emma & Ben-059 Emma & Ben-063 Emma & Ben-065 Emma & Ben-068 Emma & Ben-073 Emma & Ben-077 Emma & Ben-078 Emma & Ben-081 Emma & Ben-083 Emma & Ben-089 Emma & Ben-091 Emma & Ben-093 Emma & Ben-096 Emma & Ben-103 Emma & Ben-106 Emma & Ben-107 Emma & Ben-114 Emma & Ben-117 Emma & Ben-119 Emma & Ben-121 Emma & Ben-126 Emma & Ben-130 Emma & Ben-131 Emma & Ben-135 Emma & Ben-140 Emma & Ben-142 Emma & Ben-147 Emma & Ben-155 Emma & Ben-159 Emma & Ben-162 Emma & Ben-163 Emma & Ben-171 Emma & Ben-181 Emma & Ben-192 Emma & Ben-199 Emma & Ben-203 Emma & Ben-210 Emma & Ben-221 Emma & Ben-224 Emma & Ben-226 Emma & Ben-252 Emma & Ben-259 Emma & Ben-260 Emma & Ben-262 Emma & Ben-265 Emma & Ben-275 Emma & Ben-278 Emma & Ben-280 Emma & Ben-286 Emma & Ben-290 Emma & Ben-495 Emma & Ben-292 Emma & Ben-306 Emma & Ben-491 Emma & Ben-311 Emma & Ben-313 Emma & Ben-316 Emma & Ben-318 Emma & Ben-325 Emma & Ben-330 Emma & Ben-337 Emma & Ben-341 Emma & Ben-343 Emma & Ben-345 Emma & Ben-349 Emma & Ben-374 Emma & Ben-389 Emma & Ben-414 Emma & Ben-417 Emma & Ben-447 Emma & Ben-459 Emma & Ben-463 Emma & Ben-467 Emma & Ben-471 Emma & Ben-492 Emma & Ben-473 Emma & Ben-478 Emma & Ben-481 Emma & Ben-490All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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