Italy | Personal

Some personal photographs from Summer.. These past few months have been busy, and I feel awful for forgetting to sort out my own photographs sometimes, so here is a catch up post from our adventures in Italy from July.

We had a quiet few days at a campsite just outside of Rome, ate lots of antipasti, drank lots of beer and prosecco.. visited Rome for the day (in intense heat!) before driving into the hills for Rosie and Jon’s wedding in Arpino. Dav’s family have roots there, and the small town was full of friends and family for the best part of a week – amazing. Lots of time with everyone eating, drinking and socialising in the piazza, and lazy days wandering around the area taking in the scenery. It was amazing to have a family holiday in the middle of the Summer madness, and it came at just the right time. Here are a few favourite snaps from our week away..
Italy-7 Italy-11 Italy-12 Italy-14 Italy-16Italy-20 Italy-23 Italy-24Italy-29 Italy-32 Italy-37 Italy-39 Italy-44 Italy-47 Italy-48 Italy-50 Italy-51 Italy-54 Italy-56 Italy-60Italy-65 Italy-67 Italy-69 Italy-70 Italy-72 Italy-74 Italy-75 Italy-79 Italy-81 Italy-87 Italy-88 Italy-89 Italy-96 Italy-98 Italy-99 Italy-103 Italy-107 Italy-109 Italy-110 Italy-113 Italy-114 Italy-116 Italy-117 Italy-142 Italy-149 Italy-150 Italy-152 Italy-164 Italy-170 Italy-174 Italy-176 Italy-177 Italy-178 Italy-179All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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