Pretty Twisted | Commercial

Another set of images for you today to work on the huge backlog of posts I have from this year! This shoot was for Pretty Twisted in Middlesbrough back in the Summer, (remember Summer?!).

Originally we had plans to get outside and get some relaxed, bohemian shots in fields, petals, wild flowers, long grass.. but at the last minute we decided to shoot within the shop itself with it’s candy coloured walls. It’s quite different to my usual style but I loved experimenting with lighting.. sometimes less is more and having a blank backdrop definitely pushed me to think a little more about how to work with what I had.. I loved it, and would definitely liken to do a little more commercial work next year. Here are a selection from what we got up to that day..

Pretty Twisted-1aPretty Twisted-3Pretty Twisted-6Pretty Twisted-19a Pretty Twisted-21a Pretty Twisted-28 Pretty Twisted-31a Pretty Twisted-33 Pretty Twisted-34 Pretty Twisted-36 Pretty Twisted-40 Pretty Twisted-42Pretty Twisted-44 Pretty Twisted-48 Pretty Twisted-58 Pretty Twisted-59 Pretty Twisted-60 Pretty Twisted-61 Pretty Twisted-63Pretty Twisted-66 Pretty Twisted-67 Pretty Twisted-69 Pretty Twisted-70 Pretty Twisted-73 Pretty Twisted-75Pretty Twisted-77 Pretty Twisted-78 Pretty Twisted-82 Pretty Twisted-87 Pretty Twisted-88Pretty Twisted-91 Pretty Twisted-96 Pretty Twisted-98 Pretty Twisted-99 Pretty Twisted-101Pretty Twisted-106 Pretty Twisted-116a Pretty Twisted-117 Pretty Twisted-119 Pretty Twisted-135 Pretty Twisted-136 Pretty Twisted-137 Pretty Twisted-139 Pretty Twisted-141a Pretty Twisted-145 Pretty Twisted-152 Pretty Twisted-153 Pretty Twisted-156Pretty Twisted-159aAll rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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