It’s difficult to know where to begin.. it’s not the easiest task putting an ‘end of year’ post together but it’s joyous looking back at how much my camera and I have been part of – going back through hard drives and blog posts to find the images that stick out on my mind from this year’s body of work is wonderful, and makes me eternally grateful that my job brings me as much joy as it does.

This year has seen me go FULL TIME. I have put my freelance journalism work firmly on the back burner for now, towards the end of this year my workload just seemed to grow and grow – and next year is looking to be my busiest yet too. It’s a great feeling, and such a blessing to be able to work for myself doing something I love this much. We also moved house slap-bang in the middle of wedding season in August, which was as chaotic as it sounds, and now I have a designated ‘home office’, which makes a huge difference.

My work has seen me travel all over the country and beyond, which really is the best thing ever. From beaches in Scotland to the banks of the Thames in London, rural Staffordshire to the hills of Italy, the peaceful Lake District to Las bloody Vegas. I’ve also taken bookings for Italy, France and Marrakech next year.. It’s not what I expected in my wildest dreams and I really can’t wait.

I’ve been lucky enough to see families from shoots last year and see their children at the next stage in their lives, I’ve begun to do maternity portraits as well as newborn sessions, and amazingly enough I’m seeing couples whose weddings I photographed become parents, as well as meet their beautiful babies. Each step is a moment in their history and my heart melts to be part of each one. I’ve also carried on doing a little commercial work here and there, and there looks to be much more of this next year too.

And I’ve also managed to do a little more personal work this year too, which is something I was really aiming for when I made some new year resolutions in January. It’s harder than it sounds sometimes to pick up your camera on ‘days off’, especially in the thick of wedding season, but I’m always glad I did, and I hope to create even more ‘just for me’ next year too.

I have much more to share and blog from this year, but there just isn’t time, and I’m really looking forward to clocking off for a few days now and catching up with everything in the new year. A huge, huge thanks again to all my wonderful clients, past and present, and for everyone who has helped make this year one to remember. I had a blast and hope you did too.

Here is my 2013..

alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-123 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-062alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-165 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-049 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-043 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-012 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-009 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-081 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-119 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-133 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-168 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-181 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-189 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-153 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-154alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-159alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-233 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-228 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-223alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-295 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-280 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-260 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-264 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-278alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-241 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-285
alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-291 James & Rebecca-5 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-206 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-210 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-191 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-186alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-050 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-203 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-204 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-212 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-214 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-215 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-219 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-230alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-185 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-238 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-246 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-137 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-143alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-283
alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-129alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-152 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-149 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-145 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-117 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-116 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-090alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-104 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-105alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-112 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-063 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-148alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-058 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-052 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-055alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-038 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-030 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-034 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-040 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-046 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-032
alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-016 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-024 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-025 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-269
alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-021 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-144alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-127alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-023 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-182 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-234 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-254 James & Rebecca-8 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-177viv-at-home-24 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-296 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-279alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-272 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-275 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-265 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-261 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-242 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-257alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-008 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-256 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-221

alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-156 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-135 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-121 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-141alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-102alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-066alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-036 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-059 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-082 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-057 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-080 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-044alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-289alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-195 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-248 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-251 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-155alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-124alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-064alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-039 alernative-wedding-photographer-leeds-120
James & Rebecca-7

A massive extra thanks has to go to my husband Dav (and Vivienne, although I very much doubt she’s reading this), for his unconditional support and consistently strong belief that I really should do what I love, even if the slog is slightly harder sometimes (often!) along the way. Lovell you always. xx

6 thoughts on “2013

  1. You definitely deserved to go full time Sally, and what a year it’s been for you! You’ve done such an amazing job from what I’ve seen, especially at Kerry’s wedding in Las Vegas! Congratulations and all the best for a fantastic 2014 xx

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