2014.. Hopes.

I’ve been thinking about what I hope for this year over the past week or so; it’s easy to set similar goals to last year (and the year before) but after doing quite well with my resolution list from last year I’ve decided to set a few out and see how I get on. So here goes.


..More personal work

Last year I took time to do more personal work on the side.. and it’s something I’d  like to keep doing. I’ve started a 365 project as a first step, hopefully I’ll make a project book at the end if I complete it. I’d also like to experiment with film more.. and actually stay on top of getting my films developed and blogged.

..Take care of myself

Instead of generic ‘get fit’ and ‘lose weight’ resolutions, I’m just going to try to look after myself more. Better skin care, eating more fruit and veg, fresh air and exercise.

IMG_1858(^^^ Vivienne in Roundhay Park, searching for conkers ^^^)

..Make a home from a rented house

I love our home, but anyone else who rents will understand the feeling of it not really being ‘yours’. We have a lovely flexible landlord and this year I’d really like to touch up our house and try and make it more organised (including a dreaded wardrobe clear out.. and a few cameras too) and feel more like a home. I’d also like to finish a few paintings for the walls, and craft a few bits and pieces with Vivienne too.

..Keep on top of my personal blog

Which now unfortunately includes sorting out the backlog from last year when I totally let it slide..


(^^^ Vivienne and me on NYE .. Vivienne before the Gruffalo at Middlesbrough Town Hall .. My bessie Louise and me – she’s getting married this year! (Watch this space..) ^^^)

..Carry on appreciating the every day

I need to carry a camera for the day-to-day more regularly. I used to use my ‘big’ camera much more when Vivienne, Dav and I were out and about.. now I seem to rely on my iPhone most of the time. I’d like to make the effort more to take photos of the everyday – time flies and it scares me how quickly Vivienne is growing up. Yesterday I turned my computer off and played with Vivienne for ages.. and I realised that I hadn’t set time aside to play for ages. Instead of flitting between office and toy room I’m going to take time out for her more.

(^^^ L-R A wonderful ‘Thank You’ gift from Emma and Ben .. Sylvanians with Vivienne .. Christmas chaos .. Leeds museum .. Vivienne took this picture, I love it .. Glitter crafting at Preston Park Museum ^^)

..Make plans to travel

Next year I’m lucky enough to be doing a few more destination weddings, but I really fancy a family adventure. This was on my list last year, and whether it’s a few weeks doing interrail or we start saving for a family Route 66.. I really just want to put some plans in place to take off with my favourite twosome.


All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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