Helen & Ed | Hexham, Northumberland

thai-149Man, woman and dog. What a combination for a wedding. Add in a handmade dress, his ‘n’ hers converse, skull print touches, a drumming groom, surprise dance routines, a couple ‘pub’ quiz and CHEESE. Come on.. what more could you want?

Helen and Ed (and, well, Spud too) married in deep Northumberland in a marquee in Helen’s parents garden. They were such a wicked couple, totally into doing every last little thing their way, and the result was amazing. A day full of fun, laughter, friends, family, music, booze and good food.

Here are their photographs, you can read Helen’s write up of the whole day over on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings too. Do it all again Helen and Ed.. please? Helen & Ed-065 Helen & Ed-055 Helen & Ed-060 Helen & Ed-064 Helen & Ed-084 Helen & Ed-070 Helen & Ed-080 Helen & Ed-094 Helen & Ed-097 Helen & Ed-099 Helen & Ed-107 Helen & Ed-073 Helen & Ed-075 Helen & Ed-076 Helen & Ed-113 Helen & Ed-117 Helen & Ed-120 Helen & Ed-123 Helen & Ed-127 Helen & Ed-130 Helen & Ed-136 Helen & Ed-141 Helen & Ed-146 Helen & Ed-156 Helen & Ed-169 Helen & Ed-182 Helen & Ed-186 Helen & Ed-190 Helen & Ed-001 Helen & Ed-013 Helen & Ed-023 Helen & Ed-025 Helen & Ed-026 Helen & Ed-027 Helen & Ed-030 Helen & Ed-032 Helen & Ed-037 Helen & Ed-039 Helen & Ed-041 Helen & Ed-042 Helen & Ed-044 Helen & Ed-046 Helen & Ed-049 Helen & Ed-051 Helen & Ed-257 Helen & Ed-264 Helen & Ed-269 Helen & Ed-272 Helen & Ed-287 Helen & Ed-290 Helen & Ed-294 Helen & Ed-303 Helen & Ed-308 Helen & Ed-326 Helen & Ed-375 Helen & Ed-379 Helen & Ed-380 Helen & Ed-385 Helen & Ed-401 Helen & Ed-410 Helen & Ed-415 Helen & Ed-429 Helen & Ed-436 Helen & Ed-440 Helen & Ed-443 Helen & Ed-461 Helen & Ed-464 Helen & Ed-466 Helen & Ed-470 Helen & Ed-473 Helen & Ed-492 Helen & Ed-515 Helen & Ed-534 Helen & Ed-535 Helen & Ed-545 Helen & Ed-548 Helen & Ed-555 Helen & Ed-558 Helen & Ed-572All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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