Natalie & Andrew | Preview

The day after Valentine’s Day I headed far, far north to Woodhill Hall in Northumberland for Natalie and Andrew’s wedding. I’d heard snippets of plans at their Lake District engagement shoot last Autumn and knew it would be an amazing group of people and styled to perfection..

Here is a little preview.. A wonderful day with wonderful people..woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-001

woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-002 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-003 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-004 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-005 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-006 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-007 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-008 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-009 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-010 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-011 woodhill-hall-northumberland-wedding-photographer-012All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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