Sassterclass | Personal Work

A few weeks ago I attended the Sassterclass Workshop, run by Sassy of Assassynation. Sassy’s work is so ‘out there’ and, although, strictly, it doesn’t fit the usual aesthetic of my own work, I went along to get a different perspective and learn another side and style of wedding photography. It was so much fun and so much was crammed into the two days that we spent down in Birmingham. Two couples came along for couple shoots and there was a styled shoot the next day.. it was all a hell of a lot to take in in the best way possible. Here are a few of my pics from my time there.. Taken on a mix of digital, film (my Olympus Trip 35) and Instant Film (Fujifilm Neo Classic).sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-004 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-007 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-105sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-009 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-034 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-015
OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-033 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-104 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-020 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-022 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-024 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-032 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-041 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-036 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-037 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-042 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-043 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-045 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-046 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-048 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-049 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-051 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-052 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-053 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-055 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-057 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-058 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-060 sassterclass-assassynation-photography-workshop-062


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