Vivienne | Portrait Project, Personal Work

I’ve wanted to embark upon some sort of personal project for a while.. I attempted a 365 Project at the beginning of the year, but during busy periods I found myself forgetting and not really giving it enough time or thought to make it worthwhile.. I’ve also wanted to get into portrait photography more and experimented a little with one-on-one photography last year when I shot my lovely friend Elizabeth. I love Q&As.. and love the Guardian Magazine Q&A each Saturday.. so thought I’d put a little portrait and question project together which I can shoot and blog as regularly or sporadically as I wish/have time for.

I decided to begin with my nearest and dearest.. and even wondered if I’d learn a few things about those I love most along the way. My favourite number is seven (I’m a bit of a number geek..) so there are going to be seven questions and seven frames per ‘portrait’. And who better to kick off the project than my own little girl, Vivienne.

Vivienne, 4

What would be your perfect day?

Evelyn would come round to my house, we would go to the park with my bike and my scooter and my roller-skates then go swimming. Then we’d come home and paint something and then go to the cinema and then make a robot. We’d have fish finger sandwiches for tea.

What is your earliest memory?

Baby food all over my face.

What is your greatest fear?

Spooky cats and spooky dogs.

What is your most treasured possession?

My books, the big books with lots of stories in the same book. They are really special.

What is your pet peeve?

People who drop rubbish.

What, if anything, worries you about the future?


What single thing would improve your life?

Going to the cinema.

Vivienne-personal-portrait-project-006 Vivienne-personal-portrait-project-003 Vivienne-personal-portrait-project-004 Vivienne-personal-portrait-project-002 Vivienne-personal-portrait-project-005Vivienne-personal-portrait-project-007All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


One thought on “Vivienne | Portrait Project, Personal Work

  1. Fab:):) I’ve started a personal project this year too photographing women around me. I love doing portraits but generally do kids so wanted to get better ‘shooting’ adults:)
    Loving the added extra of the Q&A!

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