Elora & Bobby | Preview

Elora and Bobby got in touch a month or so ago and said they were planning a day that was sure to be full of colour, celebration and chaos.. everything a wedding should be. I’ve wanted to shoot an Asian wedding for such a long time and I jumped at the chance to be part of their day. I was there with bells on and it was bloody amazing. Elora and Bobby had a hindu ceremony together with Elora’s brother Neil and his wife Vic, who married in France last year. There was music, dancing, colour, hundreds of celebrating guests, belly dancing, Bobby playing the drums in his band and some pretty wild dancing to finish the night. Here is a preview from their day..elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-001 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-002 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-003 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-004 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-005 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-006 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-007 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-008 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-009 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-010 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-011 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-012 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-013 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-014 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-015 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-016 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-017 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-018 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-019 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-020 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-021 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-022 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-023 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-024 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-025 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-026 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-027 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-028 elora-bobby-thornton-manor-wedding-029All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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