Film Dump, Italy | Personal

I’ve started taking more and more personal work on film this year.. it’s been a promise to myself for a long time to experiment more and keep pushing to try new things and new ways to work. I’m trying not to be precious about it and also trying to accept my personal work for what it is.. a bit more raw, shooting from my heart and shooting purely for myself. Here is some film work from Italy back in May.. with some digital work at the end too. Grab a cuppa and have a browse..Janine & Martyn-056 Janine & Martyn-049 Janine & Martyn-045 Janine & Martyn-092 Janine & Martyn-040 Janine & Martyn-069

Janine & Martyn-030 Janine & Martyn-048 Janine & Martyn-051 Janine & Martyn-070 Janine & Martyn-052 Janine & Martyn-053 Janine & Martyn-054 Janine & Martyn-001 Janine & Martyn-057 Janine & Martyn-058 Janine & Martyn-041 Janine & Martyn-060 Janine & Martyn-062 Janine & Martyn-043 Janine & Martyn-064 Janine & Martyn-090 Janine & Martyn-066 Janine & Martyn-080 Janine & Martyn-083 Janine & Martyn-085 Janine & Martyn-093 Janine & Martyn-065 Janine & Martyn-097

I also took a few on digital too..

Arpino digital-001 Arpino digital-003 Arpino digital-004 Arpino digital-006 Arpino digital-007 Arpino digital-008 Arpino digital-010 Arpino digital-011 Arpino digital-012 Arpino digital-013 Arpino digital-014 Arpino digital-015 Arpino digital-016 Arpino digital-017 Arpino digital-018 Arpino digital-021 Arpino digital-022 Arpino digital-023 Arpino digital-025 Arpino digital-026 Arpino digital-027 Arpino digital-028 Arpino digital-030 Arpino digital-031 Arpino digital-032 Arpino digital-033All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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