Sarah & Mark | Back garden Tipi wedding, Pontefract

Sarah & Mark-430It’s been a little quiet around this blog for the past month – you’ll have to forgive me. The last few weeks have been a complete whirlwind.. mainly chaotic for the 9 weddings I’ve had this month and also that we decided to move house.. and throw my daughter’s birthday party in the garden a few days later. If I was working this hard at a job I didn’t love as much as I love this, I don’t know how I would have coped. Amazing words of encouragement, patience and being part of joyous days working with lovely couples has really kept me going – thanks you all for your support and love, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

A few couples got their wedding photo packages last week, including the gorgeous, loving and ‘just *right* for each other’ Sarah and Mark. I thought I’d share this gorgeous day with you to kick start the blog and more regular posts over the coming months.. They had a completely beautiful, lovingly DIY-ed wedding day in a tipi in Sarah’s parent’s garden. Sarah looked unbelievable in her embellished art deco wedding dress and wild flower bouquet, Mark designed the stationery making the most of his wonderful illustrative talents, their dog Totoro was around during the day for guests to cuddle and spoil, and the day really took a festival feel as guests enjoyed the scenery and the weather, playing croquet, drinking Pimms and chatting on the grass.

Here you go.. let’s all cling on to the last of Summer for as long as possible..
Sarah & Mark-001 Sarah & Mark-011 Sarah & Mark-014 Sarah & Mark-027 Sarah & Mark-031 Sarah & Mark-034 Sarah & Mark-037 Sarah & Mark-045 Sarah & Mark-048 Sarah & Mark-055 Sarah & Mark-059 Sarah & Mark-074 Sarah & Mark-080 Sarah & Mark-095 Sarah & Mark-099 Sarah & Mark-106 Sarah & Mark-108 Sarah & Mark-110 Sarah & Mark-111 Sarah & Mark-112 Sarah & Mark-114

Sarah & Mark-116 Sarah & Mark-117 Sarah & Mark-118 Sarah & Mark-119 Sarah & Mark-122 Sarah & Mark-123 Sarah & Mark-127 Sarah & Mark-128 Sarah & Mark-129 Sarah & Mark-131 Sarah & Mark-136 Sarah & Mark-137 Sarah & Mark-142 Sarah & Mark-143 Sarah & Mark-144 Sarah & Mark-146 Sarah & Mark-152 Sarah & Mark-155 Sarah & Mark-156 Sarah & Mark-161 Sarah & Mark-162 Sarah & Mark-163 Sarah & Mark-167 Sarah & Mark-168 Sarah & Mark-169 Sarah & Mark-175 Sarah & Mark-179 Sarah & Mark-182 Sarah & Mark-183 Sarah & Mark-186 Sarah & Mark-187 Sarah & Mark-193 Sarah & Mark-195 Sarah & Mark-199 Sarah & Mark-209 Sarah & Mark-212 Sarah & Mark-217 Sarah & Mark-225 Sarah & Mark-226 Sarah & Mark-230 Sarah & Mark-231 Sarah & Mark-241 Sarah & Mark-245 Sarah & Mark-284 Sarah & Mark-288 Sarah & Mark-300 Sarah & Mark-303 Sarah & Mark-305 Sarah & Mark-306 Sarah & Mark-314 Sarah & Mark-321 Sarah & Mark-327 Sarah & Mark-328 Sarah & Mark-333 Sarah & Mark-335 Sarah & Mark-344 Sarah & Mark-348 Sarah & Mark-353 Sarah & Mark-354 Sarah & Mark-355 Sarah & Mark-356 Sarah & Mark-357 Sarah & Mark-360 Sarah & Mark-362 Sarah & Mark-363 Sarah & Mark-369 Sarah & Mark-374 Sarah & Mark-375 Sarah & Mark-379 Sarah & Mark-380 Sarah & Mark-391 Sarah & Mark-392 Sarah & Mark-395 Sarah & Mark-396 Sarah & Mark-397 Sarah & Mark-398 Sarah & Mark-400 Sarah & Mark-401 Sarah & Mark-408 Sarah & Mark-412 Sarah & Mark-418 Sarah & Mark-422 Sarah & Mark-430 Sarah & Mark-433 Sarah & Mark-434 Sarah & Mark-436 Sarah & Mark-444 Sarah & Mark-446 Sarah & Mark-456 Sarah & Mark-458 Sarah & Mark-464 Sarah & Mark-469 Sarah & Mark-477 Sarah & Mark-478 Sarah & Mark-482 Sarah & Mark-486 Sarah & Mark-494 Sarah & Mark-508 Sarah & Mark-514 Sarah & Mark-516 Sarah & Mark-518 Sarah & Mark-525 Sarah & Mark-530 Sarah & Mark-531 Sarah & Mark-535 Sarah & Mark-538 Sarah & Mark-541 Sarah & Mark-556 Sarah & Mark-565 Sarah & Mark-567 Sarah & Mark-569 Sarah & Mark-571All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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