Heather & Matthew | a beautiful, vintage-inspired Lancashire wedding

Heather & Matthew-185I have to say, I’m incredibly lucky in that I work with the most lovely couples.. and Heather and Matthew were right up there as just being the most wonderful people to spend the day with.

They married on a sunny August day amongst friends and family in beautiful Lancashire. This pair met at Teesside University, then realised that they had grown up a stone’s throw from each other back in their home village.

Things I loved about this day.. Heather’s Mum’s house full of knick-knacks, those Vivienne Westwood shoes, Heather’s foot tattoo in memory of her Dad, their cool-as-anything ex-bouncer Vicar, couple portraits at the bridge where Heather, her brother and her Dad used to go when they were younger, their chilled out pub reception, the fact that everyone sat and celebrated around the same table for dinner, grown up ‘flower girls’, not one but two wedding cakes, the bouncy castle….. and the fact that everyone brought their A-game to the dance floor! A wonderful day with truly wonderful people. Here are their photos..
Heather & Matthew-002 Heather & Matthew-007 Heather & Matthew-009 Heather & Matthew-013 Heather & Matthew-016 Heather & Matthew-018 Heather & Matthew-019 Heather & Matthew-020 Heather & Matthew-021 Heather & Matthew-022 Heather & Matthew-025 Heather & Matthew-027 Heather & Matthew-029 Heather & Matthew-031 Heather & Matthew-033 Heather & Matthew-034 Heather & Matthew-035 Heather & Matthew-037 Heather & Matthew-042 Heather & Matthew-047 Heather & Matthew-049 Heather & Matthew-054 Heather & Matthew-055 Heather & Matthew-061 Heather & Matthew-064 Heather & Matthew-067 Heather & Matthew-080 Heather & Matthew-086 Heather & Matthew-092 Heather & Matthew-099 Heather & Matthew-105 Heather & Matthew-113 Heather & Matthew-134 Heather & Matthew-147 Heather & Matthew-153 Heather & Matthew-173 Heather & Matthew-176 Heather & Matthew-183 Heather & Matthew-185 Heather & Matthew-188 Heather & Matthew-190 Heather & Matthew-194 Heather & Matthew-197 Heather & Matthew-202 Heather & Matthew-208 Heather & Matthew-209 Heather & Matthew-215 Heather & Matthew-216 Heather & Matthew-220 Heather & Matthew-221 Heather & Matthew-223 Heather & Matthew-226 Heather & Matthew-227 Heather & Matthew-232 Heather & Matthew-235 Heather & Matthew-239 Heather & Matthew-252 Heather & Matthew-275 Heather & Matthew-278 Heather & Matthew-284 Heather & Matthew-300 Heather & Matthew-314 Heather & Matthew-324 Heather & Matthew-346 Heather & Matthew-364 Heather & Matthew-370 Heather & Matthew-371 Heather & Matthew-375 Heather & Matthew-383 Heather & Matthew-384 Heather & Matthew-387 Heather & Matthew-397 Heather & Matthew-402 Heather & Matthew-404 Heather & Matthew-408 Heather & Matthew-411 Heather & Matthew-412 Heather & Matthew-423 Heather & Matthew-437 Heather & Matthew-443 Heather & Matthew-444 Heather & Matthew-450 Heather & Matthew-457 Heather & Matthew-465



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