Catherine & Andrew | Judges, Kirklevington

Catherine & Andrew-290It’s been a busier start to the year than I anticipated (catch up blog posts to follow) but I still have some gorgeous weddings from last year to showcase in all their glory! To start, meet the very lovely Catherine and Andrew, who married at beautiful Judges Hotel in Kirklevington. As seems to be pretty typical for English Summer weddings, it rained… quite a bit… But as is typical for British couples dealing with out hit-and-miss climate.. they got on with it and had a ball regardless. I absolutely loved Catherine’s beaded dress that she paired with lace plimsolls and how they brought in their interests for their decor (check out the cake topper – handmade by a friend!), and what made it extra special for me to shoot is that they were married by the very lovely Pam who married me and my husband back in 2011. Here are a few favourites.. Grab a cuppa and have a browse.Catherine & Andrew-001 Catherine & Andrew-005 Catherine & Andrew-006 Catherine & Andrew-008 Catherine & Andrew-012 Catherine & Andrew-014 Catherine & Andrew-016 Catherine & Andrew-018 Catherine & Andrew-020 Catherine & Andrew-023 Catherine & Andrew-024 Catherine & Andrew-025 Catherine & Andrew-028 Catherine & Andrew-031 Catherine & Andrew-032 Catherine & Andrew-034 Catherine & Andrew-039 Catherine & Andrew-043 Catherine & Andrew-046 Catherine & Andrew-047

Catherine & Andrew-052 Catherine & Andrew-054 Catherine & Andrew-059 Catherine & Andrew-060 Catherine & Andrew-061 Catherine & Andrew-063 Catherine & Andrew-064 Catherine & Andrew-065 Catherine & Andrew-069 Catherine & Andrew-072 Catherine & Andrew-076 Catherine & Andrew-077 Catherine & Andrew-078 Catherine & Andrew-082 Catherine & Andrew-089 Catherine & Andrew-105 Catherine & Andrew-108 Catherine & Andrew-111 Catherine & Andrew-127 Catherine & Andrew-150 Catherine & Andrew-195 Catherine & Andrew-200 Catherine & Andrew-207 Catherine & Andrew-214 Catherine & Andrew-219 Catherine & Andrew-221 Catherine & Andrew-223 Catherine & Andrew-227 Catherine & Andrew-231 Catherine & Andrew-252 Catherine & Andrew-253 Catherine & Andrew-262 Catherine & Andrew-264 Catherine & Andrew-265 Catherine & Andrew-282 Catherine & Andrew-285 Catherine & Andrew-286 Catherine & Andrew-290 Catherine & Andrew-297 Catherine & Andrew-299 Catherine & Andrew-302 Catherine & Andrew-348 Catherine & Andrew-365 Catherine & Andrew-366 Catherine & Andrew-373 Catherine & Andrew-379 Catherine & Andrew-380 Catherine & Andrew-385 Catherine & Andrew-393 Catherine & Andrew-400 Catherine & Andrew-402 Catherine & Andrew-406 Catherine & Andrew-408 Catherine & Andrew-413 Catherine & Andrew-415 Catherine & Andrew-431 Catherine & Andrew-439 Catherine & Andrew-441 Catherine & Andrew-442 Catherine & Andrew-443 Catherine & Andrew-444 Catherine & Andrew-446 Catherine & Andrew-449 Catherine & Andrew-450 Catherine & Andrew-457 Catherine & Andrew-461 Catherine & Andrew-462 Catherine & Andrew-463 Catherine & Andrew-466 Catherine & Andrew-468 Catherine & Andrew-470All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.



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