Lorna & Simon | Devonshire Fell, North Yorkshire

Lorna & Simon-284It’s that cold and grey time of year.. just before Spring kicks in and a little blossom appears to help lift us out of Winter.. To remedy the last of the grey days here is a little colour.. Last March Lorna and Simon married in beautiful North Yorkshire amongst wonderful friends and family. Their wedding had Spring flower details, lots of yellow, and a Krispy Kreme wedding cake – amazing. I first met Lorna when she was a bridesmaid for Steven and Natalie a few years before, and it was amazing to catch up and see her say ‘I do’ herself! Here are some favourite images from their day..Lorna & Simon-1 Lorna & Simon-2 Lorna & Simon-4 Lorna & Simon-7 Lorna & Simon-10

Lorna & Simon-11 Lorna & Simon-14 Lorna & Simon-16 Lorna & Simon-17 Lorna & Simon-18 Lorna & Simon-23 Lorna & Simon-24 Lorna & Simon-26 Lorna & Simon-28 Lorna & Simon-36 Lorna & Simon-42 Lorna & Simon-43 Lorna & Simon-52 Lorna & Simon-58 Lorna & Simon-65 Lorna & Simon-66 Lorna & Simon-70 Lorna & Simon-74 Lorna & Simon-81 Lorna & Simon-85 Lorna & Simon-87 Lorna & Simon-88 Lorna & Simon-91 Lorna & Simon-93 Lorna & Simon-101 Lorna & Simon-102 Lorna & Simon-104 Lorna & Simon-105 Lorna & Simon-106 Lorna & Simon-116 Lorna & Simon-119 Lorna & Simon-122 Lorna & Simon-130 Lorna & Simon-132 Lorna & Simon-144 Lorna & Simon-149 Lorna & Simon-157 Lorna & Simon-167 Lorna & Simon-174 Lorna & Simon-213 Lorna & Simon-246 Lorna & Simon-262 Lorna & Simon-268 Lorna & Simon-269 Lorna & Simon-276 Lorna & Simon-284 Lorna & Simon-287 Lorna & Simon-290 Lorna & Simon-293 Lorna & Simon-298 Lorna & Simon-304 Lorna & Simon-340 Lorna & Simon-342 Lorna & Simon-346 Lorna & Simon-376 Lorna & Simon-386 Lorna & Simon-389 Lorna & Simon-399 Lorna & Simon-408 Lorna & Simon-324 Lorna & Simon-339 Lorna & Simon-336All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.



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