Leah & Tim {Preview}

STP-31Whilst editing this set of preview images from Saturday I couldn’t help but say to whoever was around “Oh, it was just so wonderful, wasn’t it?” I’ve known Leah for a few years through family friends and met Tim when they were guests at a wedding last May.. he proposed to Leah a few days later in Rome and I was so, SO excited when they asked me to photograph their day. I knew it would be amazingly done but it was just perfect, having all the components of a good wedding day – good company, good food, good music, flowing drinks, love and laughter. Here is a taster from this brilliant day..
STP-1 STP-2 STP-3 STP-4 STP-5 STP-6 STP-7 STP-8 STP-9 STP-10 STP-11 STP-12 STP-13 STP-14 STP-15 STP-16 STP-17 STP-18 STP-19 STP-20 STP-21 STP-22 STP-23 STP-24 STP-25 STP-26 STP-27 STP-28 STP-29 STP-30 STP-32 STP-33 STP-34 STP-35 STP-36All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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