Clare & Niall | Preview

STP2-0020Meet Clare and Niall, who were just amazing and such fun to be around all day. I loved being back at As You Like It – the whole day was so wonderfully busy and full of family and joy that it really just flew by… it felt like they’d just said their ‘I do’s’ and it was time for dancing. It really is the best sign that a wedding is just being totally enjoyed by all. I can’t wait to share this in full, but for now here is a little preview to keep you going. The wonderful Mr & Mrs Smith.
STP2-0001 STP2-0002 STP2-0003 STP2-0004 STP2-0005 STP2-0006 STP2-0007 STP2-0008 STP2-0009 STP2-0010 STP2-0011 STP2-0012 STP2-0013 STP2-0014 STP2-0015 STP2-0016 STP2-0017 STP2-0018 STP2-0019
STP2-0021 STP2-0022 STP2-0023 STP2-0024All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


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