Welcome Break..

Today I got back from a little trip away with some wonderful people.. Around a year ago I attended Emma Case’s Welcome Home workshop (all kinds of wonderful), and the number of ‘Welcome Homies’ has since grown as more workshops have happened over the past few months.

It was decided that it was time for us to all meet up and have a few days together; some friendly faces, some new faces, go ‘glamping’, and take a well-earned ‘Welcome Break’.. We chatted, played rounders, ate too much cake, busted moves, lit fires, pulled ourselves pints, fed the lambs, attempted ‘windy cricket’, took photographs, compared ‘signature dance moves’, tried night-time photography, played buckaroo, sang ‘Happy Birthday’, did the conga, chilled out on the couches around the heater, chatted business, drank more, dirty chat around the bar, debated between blankets, whisky or tea to warm up, stayed up late and caught a few hours sleep.. I’ve been left feeling so happy and completely worn out.

Here are a few pictures of a very Welcome Break..

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The Wedding Institute {Sunday 28th April}

I never thought I’d be very interested in doing wedding fairs – having been to a few when I was engaged myself I always left feeling overwhelmed by the volume of suppliers, underwhelmed by their ideas, uninspired and empty handed – and I realise now not one of the suppliers we used for our own wedding came from one of the wedding fairs I attended. Everything seemed so old-hat, out-dated ideas were being sold as ‘classic’, everyone seemed to work by a colour scheme (and couldn’t understand that I didn’t have one.. and that my only ‘scheme’ was ‘mismatch’), I was seen as crazy for not wanting chair covers.. I wanted to make a lot of the elements myself.. I felt like I was looking in all the wrong places.

When my business started to grow I had couples and other photographers asking me if I exhibited, and I always said it wasn’t really part of my plan.. but as I grew a bit more confident in my work I realised I wouldn’t mind putting it out there a little more, but I didn’t really know where to start. I heard along the way that you should only advertise and exhibit in places you’d go yourself to look for a photographer – which immediately ruled out all the football stadium and huge function room wedding events in the area..

I knew if I wanted to bite the bullet and set up my first exhibitor’s stand it would have to be somewhere different, alternative, a bit more special and hopefully somewhere a bit more intimate than your average wedding fair.. with pretty stands.. and exhibitors and organisers who realise that you don’t need to do everything by tradition.. and understand that you can put your own stamp on your wedding day.. whatever that may be.. and give you a personal service.. and attendees can choose vendors, crafters, makers, bakers, photographers, florists, hair dressers and make up artists that don’t make couples feel like they were sitting on the production line of a wedding factory. This is when I realised the fair I’d been looking for was tucked away nearby in the beautiful Victorian seaside town of Saltburn. The Wedding Institute.537904_410006612409946_528545581_n

I enquired through the lovely Vicky Trainor (co-founder of the fair with Becky Mitchell) and luckily they had a spot available for their April fair. I snapped it up immediately. Then nerves kicked in a little bit… I scoured the internet for ideas for my stall and started to get organised..

I’m now in the process of sorting out flyers, I’ve had a few more sample albums made, prints are being printed, I’ve been sourcing and cleaning up frames and I’m persuading David that, on the day of the fair, he’s going to have to help me cart furniture from our home over to Saltburn Art School to set out in my space.. (he doesn’t really understand why I’m going to need to take our bedroom chest of drawers out of the house for the day.. then put everything back but I assure him  he’ll ‘get it’ when he sees it…)

I’m feeling all jittery, excited and nervous in a really good way, it’s a first-day-of-school type feeling..

So tell me, are you going to pop along and say hello?

front flyer d-2 d-3 copy d-4


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This week..

..PhotoVogue accepted a few of my photographs for their showcase. Buzz buzz buzz. You can see my portfolio here (one from the Winter shoot a few posts back, a confetti shot from Amy & Keyan’s wedding and a night-time Ritz shot from Natalie & Steven’s wedding)

Picture 8

..I’ve updated the galleries on my website.. grab a cup of tea and have a browse..

Picture 17

..and the wonderful Joanna Brown has uploaded a preview from the photo session when she mentored me last week..


S x


..I do love albums. There’s nothing like holding photos in your hands in a book that you can one day pass down through the generations. I’ve recently started making personal albums myself and can’t stop flicking through.

There’s the option of two albums, a 10″x8″ parent book and a Folio 10″x10″ vintage leather covered album. The postman just brought me some new samples so I’ve decided to show them off a little bit..

Get in touch for more details or to add an album or two to your wedding photography coverage.

S x

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