Hannah & Dan | Dordogne, France

Hannah & Dan-359Hannah and Dan married in the beautiful Dordogne last August. They said their vows at the ‘Mairie’ in the next town, and then all the cars drove in a beeping procession to celebrate at a neighbouring village’s village hall. There was no theme.. just colour, lots of DIY, handmade, community efforts, camping afterwards, a striped wedding dress, spit roasted lambs, bunting made from every scrap of fabric from all corners of the family… it was just amazing in all it’s non-traditional-wedding-goodness. Here are some favourites, I also made them a little stop motion video which you can see here.Hannah & Dan-001 Hannah & Dan-004 Hannah & Dan-008 Hannah & Dan-013 Hannah & Dan-017 Hannah & Dan-019 Hannah & Dan-021 Hannah & Dan-022 Hannah & Dan-025 Hannah & Dan-027 Hannah & Dan-029 Hannah & Dan-031 Hannah & Dan-034 Hannah & Dan-037 Hannah & Dan-038 Hannah & Dan-040 Hannah & Dan-046 Hannah & Dan-047 Hannah & Dan-048 Hannah & Dan-051 Hannah & Dan-054 Hannah & Dan-057 Hannah & Dan-059 Hannah & Dan-061 Hannah & Dan-065 Hannah & Dan-066 Hannah & Dan-069 Hannah & Dan-071 Hannah & Dan-072 Hannah & Dan-073 Hannah & Dan-075 Hannah & Dan-077 Hannah & Dan-078 Hannah & Dan-082 Hannah & Dan-086 Hannah & Dan-090 Hannah & Dan-092 Hannah & Dan-095 Hannah & Dan-096 Hannah & Dan-099 Hannah & Dan-101 Hannah & Dan-105 Hannah & Dan-109 Hannah & Dan-111 Hannah & Dan-112 Hannah & Dan-117 Hannah & Dan-118 Hannah & Dan-119 Hannah & Dan-120 Hannah & Dan-122 Hannah & Dan-125 Hannah & Dan-128 Hannah & Dan-134 Hannah & Dan-136 Hannah & Dan-141 Hannah & Dan-149 Hannah & Dan-154 Hannah & Dan-157 Hannah & Dan-163 Hannah & Dan-168 Hannah & Dan-170 Hannah & Dan-174 Hannah & Dan-175 Hannah & Dan-176 Hannah & Dan-181 Hannah & Dan-188 Hannah & Dan-191 Hannah & Dan-196 Hannah & Dan-199 Hannah & Dan-205 Hannah & Dan-207 Hannah & Dan-214 Hannah & Dan-217 Hannah & Dan-223 Hannah & Dan-225 Hannah & Dan-231 Hannah & Dan-273 Hannah & Dan-275 Hannah & Dan-278 Hannah & Dan-281 Hannah & Dan-283 Hannah & Dan-287 Hannah & Dan-289 Hannah & Dan-291 Hannah & Dan-295 Hannah & Dan-302 Hannah & Dan-308 Hannah & Dan-312 Hannah & Dan-319 Hannah & Dan-321 Hannah & Dan-323 Hannah & Dan-328 Hannah & Dan-331 Hannah & Dan-335 Hannah & Dan-338 Hannah & Dan-343 Hannah & Dan-359 Hannah & Dan-361 Hannah & Dan-365 Hannah & Dan-368 Hannah & Dan-371 Hannah & Dan-373 Hannah & Dan-375 Hannah & Dan-377 Hannah & Dan-380 Hannah & Dan-386 Hannah & Dan-392 Hannah & Dan-397 Hannah & Dan-401 Hannah & Dan-402 Hannah & Dan-409 Hannah & Dan-418 Hannah & Dan-427 Hannah & Dan-436 Hannah & Dan-447 Hannah & Dan-458 Hannah & Dan-463 Hannah & Dan-464 Hannah & Dan-483 Hannah & Dan-497 Hannah & Dan-504 Hannah & Dan-514 Hannah & Dan-538 Hannah & Dan-542 Hannah & Dan-543All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.



Hollie & Davide | Preview

Hollie came to chat at a wedding fair I did early last year.. and I remember thinking she was just an absolute doll. Plus she happy-danced when I said I was free for her wedding to Davide.. so I obviously loved her even more.

There is so much to say about their amazing day.. it was styled to perfection and full of personal touches and lovingly handmade bits and pieces.. the Italian spread was out of this world.. some seriously good disco dancing went down.. I drove away to the sound of music and celebration with a huge grin on my face from ear to ear.

Here is a little preview…

northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-001 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-002 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-003 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-004 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-005 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-006 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-007 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-008 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-009 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-010 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-011 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-012 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-013All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.

Welcome Break | Personal Work

I took another little trip/break before the madness of wedding season with a lovely bunch of photographers.. We had such a laugh.. lots of dancing, (too much) drinking, good food, good company, walks through fields to watch the sunrise, rounders and lots of just switching off before the madness of wedding season kicked in. I took a ridiculously small handful of pictures, but here are a few. A mix of digital (colour) and film (B+W). Take me back….Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-008 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-026 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-002 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-028 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-003 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-030 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-006 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-027 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-011 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-016 OLYMPUS TRIP 35MM CAMERA-029 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-017 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-005Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-021 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-018 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-020 Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-009Welcome-home-workshop-welcome-break-talton-lodge-022All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.