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So.. it’s March already. This year has had a much welcomed quieter start for me and my little family. There’s been catching up with friends, catching up with each other, hibernating under blankets on the couch, lots of cooking, and generally relishing the simpler things. It’s going to be another chaotic year (for reasons which you’ll read about below!) and I’ve been consciously trying not to overdo everything so far this year, and have loved having a few days doing absolutely nothing at all.IMG_8650I’m going to try and put this without sounding like one of ‘those’ people.. but on top of enjoying a few simpler pleasures, my husband and I decided to try and actually look after ourselves a bit more this year and set a better example for our girl. Health kicks in the past for us have often been short-lived.. we are probably the worst people I know for snacking on the couch with beers and wine.. but we are hoping to make some decent long-term changes and feel the benefits this year. I’ve a long way to go but I’m hoping to be nice and strong by the time wedding season kicks in!

IMG_8750Right.. the big thing this year is moving house. Anyone who knows me will be thinking “Again?!” as we’ve been house-hopping for quite a while now.. But this time we’re hoping it’s for good as we’re buying for the first time. We are leaving much-loved Leeds back to North Yorkshire at the beginning of next month, and will be moving in with my (very kind and very patient!) in-laws for a few months in between. In a sort of sad farewell we’ve been trying to make the most of what this wonderful city has to offer while we’re still here in between packing everything up for storage.

IMG_9111AND.. in other news.. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few exciting photography commissions this year.. pushing me out of my comfort zone. I’ve really, really loved it. Here are little previews from the Chilli Cake Deli..
Sally+T+Photography-015North East band Cattle and Cane..Sally+T+Photography-114And shooting for the Greco Brothers..Sally+T+Photography-073And I have something else to announce very soon.. WATCH THIS SPACE. I hope you’ve all had a lovely and slow start to the year, bring on Springtime!Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 18.59.54All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.

Lorna & Simon | Devonshire Fell, North Yorkshire

Lorna & Simon-284It’s that cold and grey time of year.. just before Spring kicks in and a little blossom appears to help lift us out of Winter.. To remedy the last of the grey days here is a little colour.. Last March Lorna and Simon married in beautiful North Yorkshire amongst wonderful friends and family. Their wedding had Spring flower details, lots of yellow, and a Krispy Kreme wedding cake – amazing. I first met Lorna when she was a bridesmaid for Steven and Natalie a few years before, and it was amazing to catch up and see her say ‘I do’ herself! Here are some favourite images from their day..Lorna & Simon-1 Lorna & Simon-2 Lorna & Simon-4 Lorna & Simon-7 Lorna & Simon-10

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Hannah & Dan | Dordogne, France

Hannah & Dan-359Hannah and Dan married in the beautiful Dordogne last August. They said their vows at the ‘Mairie’ in the next town, and then all the cars drove in a beeping procession to celebrate at a neighbouring village’s village hall. There was no theme.. just colour, lots of DIY, handmade, community efforts, camping afterwards, a striped wedding dress, spit roasted lambs, bunting made from every scrap of fabric from all corners of the family… it was just amazing in all it’s non-traditional-wedding-goodness. Here are some favourites, I also made them a little stop motion video which you can see here.Hannah & Dan-001 Hannah & Dan-004 Hannah & Dan-008 Hannah & Dan-013 Hannah & Dan-017 Hannah & Dan-019 Hannah & Dan-021 Hannah & Dan-022 Hannah & Dan-025 Hannah & Dan-027 Hannah & Dan-029 Hannah & Dan-031 Hannah & Dan-034 Hannah & Dan-037 Hannah & Dan-038 Hannah & Dan-040 Hannah & Dan-046 Hannah & Dan-047 Hannah & Dan-048 Hannah & Dan-051 Hannah & Dan-054 Hannah & Dan-057 Hannah & Dan-059 Hannah & Dan-061 Hannah & Dan-065 Hannah & Dan-066 Hannah & Dan-069 Hannah & Dan-071 Hannah & Dan-072 Hannah & Dan-073 Hannah & Dan-075 Hannah & Dan-077 Hannah & Dan-078 Hannah & Dan-082 Hannah & Dan-086 Hannah & Dan-090 Hannah & Dan-092 Hannah & Dan-095 Hannah & Dan-096 Hannah & Dan-099 Hannah & Dan-101 Hannah & Dan-105 Hannah & Dan-109 Hannah & Dan-111 Hannah & Dan-112 Hannah & Dan-117 Hannah & Dan-118 Hannah & Dan-119 Hannah & Dan-120 Hannah & Dan-122 Hannah & Dan-125 Hannah & Dan-128 Hannah & Dan-134 Hannah & Dan-136 Hannah & Dan-141 Hannah & Dan-149 Hannah & Dan-154 Hannah & Dan-157 Hannah & Dan-163 Hannah & Dan-168 Hannah & Dan-170 Hannah & Dan-174 Hannah & Dan-175 Hannah & Dan-176 Hannah & Dan-181 Hannah & Dan-188 Hannah & Dan-191 Hannah & Dan-196 Hannah & Dan-199 Hannah & Dan-205 Hannah & Dan-207 Hannah & Dan-214 Hannah & Dan-217 Hannah & Dan-223 Hannah & Dan-225 Hannah & Dan-231 Hannah & Dan-273 Hannah & Dan-275 Hannah & Dan-278 Hannah & Dan-281 Hannah & Dan-283 Hannah & Dan-287 Hannah & Dan-289 Hannah & Dan-291 Hannah & Dan-295 Hannah & Dan-302 Hannah & Dan-308 Hannah & Dan-312 Hannah & Dan-319 Hannah & Dan-321 Hannah & Dan-323 Hannah & Dan-328 Hannah & Dan-331 Hannah & Dan-335 Hannah & Dan-338 Hannah & Dan-343 Hannah & Dan-359 Hannah & Dan-361 Hannah & Dan-365 Hannah & Dan-368 Hannah & Dan-371 Hannah & Dan-373 Hannah & Dan-375 Hannah & Dan-377 Hannah & Dan-380 Hannah & Dan-386 Hannah & Dan-392 Hannah & Dan-397 Hannah & Dan-401 Hannah & Dan-402 Hannah & Dan-409 Hannah & Dan-418 Hannah & Dan-427 Hannah & Dan-436 Hannah & Dan-447 Hannah & Dan-458 Hannah & Dan-463 Hannah & Dan-464 Hannah & Dan-483 Hannah & Dan-497 Hannah & Dan-504 Hannah & Dan-514 Hannah & Dan-538 Hannah & Dan-542 Hannah & Dan-543All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


Amy & Joel | Crow Hill, Marsden

Amy & Joel-594

Meet Amy and Joel. This lovely pair married at Crow Hill on a wet July day, but nothing took away from how wonderful it all was. Amy herself is in weddings and events so it came as no surprise that her wedding looked so beautifully styled – she had thought of every last detail and to see all her hard work come together was amazing.. But the most amazing thing was watching these two share their day with wonderful friends and family – everyone there was really rooting for them and it was a real celebration from start to finish. Here are their wedding pictures..
Amy & Joel-001 Amy & Joel-003Amy & Joel-007Amy & Joel-004 Amy & Joel-012 Amy & Joel-015 Amy & Joel-018 Amy & Joel-020 Amy & Joel-025

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Steph & Theo | Crathorne Hall, North Yorkshire

Steph & Theo DONE -343Ahh who’s feeling Christmassy? With a few days to go I thought it’d be the perfect time to share the gorgeous Winter wedding of Steph and Theo, who married in December at Crathorne Hall in North Yorkshire and TODAY are celebrating their first wedding anniversary (congratulations!!). These two make a wonderful couple, and Steph especially had put so much effort into making this day beautifully styled and perfectly thought-out – milk and cookies for the children, Christmas tree decoration favours (one is on my tree this year!), Wintery touches throughout and everything was just done with so much love and care. Here are some of my favourite images from their day – Merry Christmas!
Steph & Theo DONE -2 Steph & Theo DONE -5 Steph & Theo DONE -7 Steph & Theo DONE -9 Steph & Theo DONE -14 Steph & Theo DONE -16 Steph & Theo DONE -40 Steph & Theo DONE -42 Steph & Theo DONE -43 Steph & Theo DONE -44 Continue reading

Hollie & Davide | Snod’s Edge, Northumberland

Hollie & Davide-487Hollie and Davide really do know how to plan a wedding.. and how to make it one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. So much attention to detail, care and effort went into making their day completely beautiful and a real celebration of them and everything they love. I knew Hollie was going to have an amazingly hand-crafted and vintage inspired day but seeing it all come together and how joyous they were alongside their guests throughout the whole day really made my heart sing. They can put it all better than I can and you can read their words and thoughts about their wedding over on Love My Dress.

These two, quietly and contentedly perfect for each other, began their journey on a hot May day in deep Northumberland. Here are the photos to tell the story..

Hollie & Davide-001 Hollie & Davide-010Hollie & Davide-073 Hollie & Davide-016 Hollie & Davide-019 Hollie & Davide-020 Hollie & Davide-024 Hollie & Davide-027 Hollie & Davide-031 Hollie & Davide-033 Hollie & Davide-045 Hollie & Davide-048 Hollie & Davide-049 Hollie & Davide-051 Hollie & Davide-054 Hollie & Davide-055 Hollie & Davide-058 Hollie & Davide-059 Hollie & Davide-064 Hollie & Davide-070 Hollie & Davide-075 Hollie & Davide-079 Hollie & Davide-080 Hollie & Davide-082 Hollie & Davide-084 Hollie & Davide-087 Hollie & Davide-092 Hollie & Davide-096 Hollie & Davide-098 Hollie & Davide-100

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Sarah & Mark {Preview}

Sarah and Mark got married last Saturday! I met Sarah when we worked on a Summery shoot for her jewellery line, Penny Masquerade, shot (ironically) in freezing cold January.. Last Saturday was, in contrast, one of the most beautiful days, and it felt like their own mini festival with Pimms, Lavender Lemonade and ‘Sham-pagne’ on tap as guests hung out on the grass looking out at the Yorkshire countryside… As always, so much to say… but for now, here is a little preview.west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-001 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-002 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-004 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-005 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-006 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-007 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-008 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-009 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-010 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-011 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-012 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-013 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-014 west-yorkshire-papakata-diy-wedding-015All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.