Vicki & Chris | Preview

Ahhhh I completely love October weddings. The light.. the haze.. Autumnal colours…

Chris and Vicki married last weekend at The Star Inn at Harome.. a gorgeous little rustic gem of a place in deep North Yorkshire. Here are a few preview pictures..
vicki chris preview-001 vicki chris preview-005 vicki chris preview-004 vicki chris preview-006 vicki chris preview-007 vicki chris preview-003 vicki chris preview-002 vicki chris preview-008 vicki chris preview-009 vicki chris preview-010 vicki chris preview-011 vicki chris preview-012 vicki chris preview-013 vicki chris preview-018 vicki chris preview-014 vicki chris preview-015 vicki chris preview-016 vicki chris preview-017 vicki chris preview-019

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Jess & Shan | Preview

Jess and Shan got married on Saturday at Manchester Town Hall.. an eventful day full of stories to tell (a no-show hairdresser.. extreme rain and hail.. the wrong date on the wedding certificate.. someone pinching a slice of wedding cake early..) but you’d never have known about any hiccups, they were too busy celebrating and passing around trays of vodka shots to care. Amazing stuff.Jess & Shan-1All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.