Daniel & Victoria | Engagement Shoot

It’s Dan and Vic’s wedding on Saturday.. I can’t wait.

They were both quite eager to squeeze an engagement shoot in before the day as Vic especially said she felt nervous in front of the camera (as so many of you say you are).. We took it slowly and had a wander near Brancepeth Castle in County Durham, trying to stay relaxed and just capture this lovely couple together in the chaotic week before they marry. Here are their engagement photographs..

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An oh-so-cute, bridesmaid shoot.. | Commercial

Wedding season is here! I’m becoming increasingly busy as the weeks draw on and work builds up but there wasn’t even the tiniest chance that I’d  pass up on the chance to shoot the latest installment of What Katy Did Next’s bridesmaid collection of headwear and bridal accessories. There is a whole team of wonderful suppliers involved who I will name-check when the full set comes out, but for now here is a teeny-tiny preview from our shoot yesterday..
Emma Ted marquee wedding staffordshire-1