Sassterclass | Preview

Here and there, usually around once a year, I sign up for a course/workshop/mentoring session to try and improve what I do.. I look back on my images and see how I can push myself more, try and become more efficient behind the scenes and hopefully create better images than before.. I’m usually trying to look at the world around me with fresher eyes.

Last week I headed down to Birmingham for the ‘Sassterclass’, run by Sassy at Assassynation. Sassy is known for going above and beyond to get shots with amazing impact, and I trusted she would help push my work further;  I definitely came away feeling like I’d had a creative kick up the arse.

Here is a little preview.. more to come soon.

sassterclass-002sassterclass-005 sassterclass-006 sassterclass-008 sassterclass-007All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


Welcome Home.. A workshop by Emma Case

Oh god, where do I begin.. I’ve long been a massive fan of Emma’s work for so many reasons, even sending her a fan email around a year ago (yes, a ‘fan’ email..) and when she revealed she would be doing a workshop I knew I’d do everything I could to get there.

The day got off to a terrific start… not. I set off just before 6am after being up through the night with a toddler who wanted her dummy back, and after a few hours of driving managed to get caught in the Brummie Bermuda Triangle that is Spaghetti Junction.. jeez. Sat nav or no sat nav I was going to be late. I needn’t have worried, Emma’s lovely other half Pete came bounding down to get me from reception in the Custard Factory (the most amazing space you could EVER visit, never mind work in) to rescue me when I arrived, and quickly sorted me a brew as I sat down with everyone else and thought “oh god, I’m actually here!!”

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