Grahame & Yulia | Preview

Sally T Photography-030What to say.. Grahame and Yulia’s wedding was just beautiful. They married in Brielle in The Netherlands and I was over the moon to be asked to go over and photograph their day. This beautiful little town was celebrating the WWII veterans on the day they married which meant the streets were already lined with bunting; and these two, together with their gorgeous boy Thomas and guests from all over the world, celebrated at a local restaurant just a short walk from the ceremony. Here is a preview and I’ll be sharing more very soon! Sally T Photography-001 Sally T Photography-002 Sally T Photography-003 Sally T Photography-004 Sally T Photography-005 Sally T Photography-006 Sally T Photography-007 Sally T Photography-008 Sally T Photography-009 Sally T Photography-010 Sally T Photography-011 Sally T Photography-012 Sally T Photography-013 Sally T Photography-014 Sally T Photography-015 Sally T Photography-016 Sally T Photography-017 Sally T Photography-018 Sally T Photography-019 Sally T Photography-020 Sally T Photography-021 Sally T Photography-022 Sally T Photography-023 Sally T Photography-024 Sally T Photography-025 Sally T Photography-026 Sally T Photography-027 Sally T Photography-028 Sally T Photography-029 Sally T Photography-031 Sally T Photography-032 Sally T Photography-033 Sally T Photography-034 Sally T Photography-035 Sally T Photography-036 Sally T Photography-037 Sally T Photography-044 Sally T Photography-041 Sally T Photography-042 Sally T Photography-043 Sally T Photography-047 Sally T Photography-046 Sally T Photography-038All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.


Summer | iPhone

Backing up my iPhone pictures yesterday I realised I haven’t done any sort of ‘life lately’ type post for a while that hasn’t just been a picture dump from travelling somewhere or other.. So here is a little catch up post with what I’ve been up to when I haven’t been at weddings or editing and left my desk. I have about 25 films to develop but I really can’t face sorting them out yet.. so for now this is all iPhone snaps. The best camera is the one you have on you, right?

Somewhat shamelessly, this post will have more than it’s fair share of pictures of my girl. I vowed to try and spend more quality time out of the house with her and embrace even a spare hour here and there. She’s come on so much this year and has grown from a gorgeously stocky little thing into a lanky long-limbed girl. She’s a joy, even if she spends half her time keeping me in check, like the little granny she can be. This year has seen her ride her bike without stabilisers, attempt to swim unaided underwater, have her first ever haircut and start a new school…


…and she turned five. There was a hot day in Mum and Dad’s garden for the growing number of kids in the family to enjoy the pool and garden, and a week after we moved house (ridiculously ambitious) we had a party for her at the lovely Camera Hannah invited me along to Tuscany to second shoot, where we enjoyed taking in the scenery, ate amazing food and came up with theories about what Filipo Berio was like.
phone-038This year has been a bit of a tough one along the way with David working away during the week, but finally it seems like everything is starting to settle into more of a routine as the months have gone on, and we even squeezed in a few couple-y things amidst the chaos.. Third anniversary dinner, a few days out in Marrakech while I was shooting a wedding, Snoop Dogg and a day at Leeds had our first ‘loading up the car, getting the ferry and driving down’ holiday to the Dordogne. I mucked about with a GoPro, we ate a ridiculous amount of bread, pate and cheese with wine, I burnt my back, Viv swam and made friends, we played cards and we actually had time to think, read and just ‘be’. I came back with an extra few pounds but I’ve decided to see it shows I did the holiday, I was pretty shit at organising enough social stuff for myself, but I did try, even if it took ages to actually get around to seeing some people properly. Over the last month I’ve actually had time to cook again, which I love, and hopefully will find more time to spend with the gorgeous people I have in my life over the next few months too. Below is just the best of the rest, really: good food, good people, little trips here and there and a few treats along the way. Hope you’ve all had a wonderful Summer.. For me though, Autumn is bliss and I’m so excited to embrace the little things and taking everything at a better pace until the end of the year.

Happy October all; the best month of the year.
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New for 2015.. Stop Motion Videos by Sally T Photography

Ahhhh! This is pretty nerve-wracking but here goes…

For 2015 I’ll be offering Stop Motion Videos as add-ons to my photography coverage.

It all began when I was interested in playing about with stop motion for a personal family Easter video earlier this year.. I really enjoyed messing around and making something new from my photographs, and I loved how it mixed something similar to videography with still images to create movement and tell the story in a different way than I was used to… it felt like adding another dimension to what I did.. then a little while later my best friend Louise got married over in Italy and, as I was already doing her wedding photography, I decided to create a surprise stop motion video of the few days we were over there to celebrate. It was really well received and Lou and Ste said how much they loved it, and how it really captured what their day was all about…

After having a few more people ask me about them and people telling me I should consider offering them alongside my wedding photography I decided to jump in and give it my best shot. Hannah and Dan married in France at the end of August this year and I decided to throw everything at trying out a stop motion video for them on the day and see how it would turn out and how I would work the day.. I loved it.. loved shooting it, loved putting it together, loved the end result and loved their feedback:

“Thank you so much Sally for our beautiful video, it’s one of our favourite parts from our photography! I didn’t even notice you capturing all the wonderful tiny moments of our big day, watching the video we remember every second, every laugh and every smile. When you asked if we didn’t mind you having a bit of a play with a stop motion video, we had no idea that you would capture not only our whole day, but even the bits we missed! We can’t imagine a better way to preserve the memories of our wedding, and we could not have asked for a better photographer, you could not have fitted in better! We all felt so relaxed and happy around you, Sally, thank you. Love from Hannah and Dan xxx”

So this is it! I would love to hear what you all think – I’m so excited to take the plunge but it’s pretty scary putting it all out there. I’m obviously still building a portfolio and ironing out a few other details about this coverage, so the first five couples that add this to their full day coverage will be able to book at the special introductory rate of just £275.

I’m going to be working on updating my wedding photography brochure for 2015 over the next few weeks, but here is a little more information in the meantime:

What exactly is a Stop Motion Video?

It’s actually around 1,000-1,300 images compiled in a similar way to a slideshow, obviously at a much faster pace, to create movement from still images rather than video footage. It will be around 3-4 minutes in length and set to one track which I will pick (and license for use) myself.

How will you do it on the day?

I will need a little extra time on either side of your wedding day than I would for full day photographic coverage, which will allow more time to prepare certain sequences and make sure I have covered the evening reception enough too. A lot of the photographs I’ll use to compile your stop motion video will be on your USB of still wedding images too, and I’ll be continuously shooting both still images and images for your stop motion video throughout the day.

Do I need to have booked you for full day coverage to add a stop motion video to my package?

Yes. I’ve found that covering a full day, from bridal preparations to dancing, works best for the one-track video I’ll put together, so my stop motion videos will only be available for couples who have booked me for full day coverage – I want to be able to tell the full story of your day.

What about the ceremony?

As I tell all my couples, it’s really worth checking about what photography coverage is allowed during your wedding ceremony. Some ceremony officiants are stricter than others, which is why I always make a point of having a quick chat with whomever is conducting this part of the day myself on the day too. I will endeavour to appropriately cover your ceremony within your video but it’s worth noting that sometimes my coverage here can be restricted.

Will it take longer to get my video than my photographs?

Both your USB of images and your stop motion video will arrive together, and I will be honouring my current waiting time for images of 4-6 weeks.

Can you record sound?

Not at all, this video is made from compiled still images, for video coverage of your wedding you’ll need to book a videographer.

How much will they be after the introductory offer?

As it says above, the first five bookings I get for this will be £275, which will cover my time and music licensing – at this stage I’m still portfolio building and smoothing out how I put these videos together – after this I will be charging £350 for a video add on.

How do I add a stop motion video to my photography?

Drop me an email at if you’ve already booked me for full day coverage and I’ll add it to your booking form, and if you haven’t yet booked just request it when you enquire.