Paris | Personal Work

In October this year my husband and I decided to take a little break and nip off to gorgeous Paris for a few days. We stayed in Monmarte and loved the brasseries, bars and gorgeous scenes across the city.To make it a real break I didn’t take my ‘big’ camera, and just used a little film point-and-shoot all weekend.. here are my favourites from a long lazy weekend..PARIS-TRAVEL-PHOTOGRAPHY-DESTINATION-107 PARIS-TRAVEL-PHOTOGRAPHY-DESTINATION-039 PARIS-TRAVEL-PHOTOGRAPHY-DESTINATION-004 PARIS-TRAVEL-PHOTOGRAPHY-DESTINATION-088 PARIS-TRAVEL-PHOTOGRAPHY-DESTINATION-006 PARIS-TRAVEL-PHOTOGRAPHY-DESTINATION-131

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A night on the tiles..

As I’ve said, I barely go out at the moment, but last week I really needed to catch up with friends who I haven’t seen properly in far too long.. We popped down to the bingo (our old Saturday night tradition!) before going out for a few drinks afterwards. I took my film camera and snapped away all night. Here are three favourites.. (Does anyone else have a thing about feet photography?!)

Sally x

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