Gill & Ben | North Berwick

Gill & Ben -498

It was a long, long drive to North Berwick. In the months before Gill & Ben’s wedding I’d convinced myself that it was somewhere just north of Newcastle (geography’s not a strong point), but in the weeks before I realised that I was in for a hell of a road trip. I packed up the mix tapes, breakfast, lunch and diet coke and jumped into the car bright and early, camera bag in tow.

As I drove up and passed through Newcastle and reached Northumberland, the countryside became more and more beautiful. I caught glimpses of the coast, I started to see heather, I grinned like a loon as I crossed the Scottish border.. the whole morning of driving flew by in what seemed to be less than an hour. It was gloriously sunny, and, even in the rush of traffic, it seemed so peaceful.

Gill and Ben were, without a doubt, the most laid back couple I’ve ever met. I got to Ben’s accommodation to get a few shots of him getting ready, and no-one was exactly sure where he was. “Probably checking the ceremony set up or along the beach somewhere?” When I got to Gill’s to meet her and her bridesmaids at her family home, I got a few details shots as well as the hustle and bustle of people, but other than a maid putting a little make up on Gill, that was it. She put her dress on (no shoes) and her headpiece, grabbed her flowers and everyone left the house.

This day was just about them, their surroundings, and their place in the world as a couple. As we made our way along the beach, each one of us barefoot, we took in the sea air and walked to watch these two amazing people marry under sunny blue skies.

Here are Gill & Ben’s wedding photographs.. You can also see them, along with Gill’s write-up, on Love My Dress here.

Sally x

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Rosie & Jon | Preview

I don’t really know where to begin to tell you about Rosie & Jon’s wedding.. It’s been completely different for me shooting and editing a couple when you know them well as part of your family, have watched their family grow over the past few years, get engaged, moving houses, spent holidays with them..  knowing everything that has preceded them in their relationship before standing up together in front of kiddywinks, family and friends and saying their vows.

We all travelled over to Italy, landed in Rome (survived driving a hire car on the ring road), climbed a winding road high up into the hills to find Arpino, spent nights in the piazza drinking wine, ate antipasti, watched the kids running around (until the wee hours).. All topped off with a fantastic wedding surrounded by dozens of family and friends on both sides..

Here is a small preview from Rosie and Jon’s wedding.

Sally x

Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-1 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-2 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-3 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-4 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-5 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-6 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-7 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-8 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-9 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-11Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-10Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-12 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-13 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-14 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-17 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-18 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-19 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-20 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-21 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-22 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-23 Olivia-Graduation-1 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-24 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-26 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-28 Rosie-Jon-Arpino-desination-italian-wedding-27All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.

Gill & Ben | Preview

It was a real joy to jump in my car for another solo road trip up to photograph Ben and Gill getting married. I travelled up through Northumberland,  crossed the Scottish borders and watched the landscape become more and more beautiful as I got closer to North Berwick where they were set to marry on the beach. It was a wonderfully simple humanist ceremony and I was thrilled to be part of proceedings. Luckily, as rumours at the wedding were that there was no ‘Plan B’, the weather was glorious, not a cloud in sight, and they married under homemade flags which flapped in the sunshine whilst guests sat with their feet in the sand and watched.. Here is a little preview, I’ll post the rest as soon as I can.

Sally xgill-ben-beach-humanist-wedding-scotland-1 gill-ben-beach-humanist-wedding-scotland-2 gill-ben-beach-humanist-wedding-scotland-4 gill-ben-beach-humanist-wedding-scotland-6 gill-ben-beach-humanist-wedding-scotland-7 gill-ben-beach-humanist-wedding-scotland-8 gill-ben-beach-humanist-wedding-scotland-9All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.