Thailand.. {The land of smiles..}

This month we went on honeymoon.. 11 months after our wedding.. It was heaven.


For those who are interested:

Manchester. Abu Dhabi. Bangkok. Koh San Road. Buckets. Tuk tuk. Standing buddah. Golden Temple. Reclining buddah. Koh Samui. Jungle. Geckos. Mosquito bites. Infinity pool. Fire spinners. Thai dancing. Thai music. Fake Rolex. Koh Tao. Multi coloured sunset. Crap crepes. Lotus bar. Fluro shorts. Thai massages. Cracked backs. Ladyboy show. Ferry. 4 hour bus ride. Krabi. Aonang. Food poisoning. Dav got a 2:1. Steak. Chang. Singha. Phi Phi Don. Beach bars. Boat trip. Monkey beach. Maya Bay. Snorkelling. Cut foot. Bandage. Sunbating. Fire skipping. Hair braid. Monkey holding peach balm. Krabi. Bangkok. Sleep. Abu Dhabi. 14 hour wait. Manchester. HOME.

Diana mish-mash..

A few very, very late pictures from July last year.. our honeymoon (yes it really DID get exciting when we found a crazy golf course and a maize maze) and a handful from our wedding, as well as a few others (beautiful Liz and my equally beautiful ex-VW Polo).. My fave has to be the blown out one of tiny V in the castle ruins..

Sal x