Helen & Colin | The Baltic, Newcastle

Helen & Colin-279Ahh.. it was so lovely to spend the day with Helen, Colin and bump while they tied the knot. They married amongst only very close friends and family in a wonderfully relaxed and intimate day, then celebrated with drinks on the quayside and a meal at the top of The Baltic, overlooking Newcastle over the river. I always think it’s so special when a couple get married while they’re expecting, it’s the beginning of a marriage and marks the start of a family all in one. Here is how it looked..
Helen & Colin-001 Helen & Colin-005 Helen & Colin-013 Helen & Colin-014 Helen & Colin-017 Helen & Colin-019 Helen & Colin-022 Helen & Colin-026 Helen & Colin-027 Helen & Colin-028 Helen & Colin-030 Helen & Colin-031 Helen & Colin-033 Helen & Colin-034 Helen & Colin-035 Helen & Colin-039 Helen & Colin-040 Helen & Colin-041 Helen & Colin-050 Helen & Colin-053 Helen & Colin-058 Helen & Colin-062 Helen & Colin-063 Helen & Colin-065 Helen & Colin-066 Helen & Colin-068 Helen & Colin-079 Helen & Colin-080 Helen & Colin-083 Helen & Colin-084 Helen & Colin-086 Helen & Colin-089 Helen & Colin-096 Helen & Colin-098 Helen & Colin-102 Helen & Colin-122 Helen & Colin-123 Helen & Colin-124 Helen & Colin-126 Helen & Colin-160 Helen & Colin-176 Helen & Colin-181 Helen & Colin-186 Helen & Colin-192 Helen & Colin-196 Helen & Colin-203 Helen & Colin-206 Helen & Colin-207 Helen & Colin-208 Helen & Colin-221 Helen & Colin-229 Helen & Colin-239 Helen & Colin-252 Helen & Colin-259 Helen & Colin-261 Helen & Colin-262 Helen & Colin-265 Helen & Colin-266 Helen & Colin-267 Helen & Colin-269 Helen & Colin-270 Helen & Colin-275 Helen & Colin-279 Helen & Colin-282 Helen & Colin-283 Helen & Colin-287 Helen & Colin-289 Helen & Colin-290 Helen & Colin-294 Helen & Colin-295 Helen & Colin-296


Emma, Brent and Nieve | A Surprise Wedding, Ingleby Barwick

Emma & Brent-069Emma and Brent had a surprise wedding.. A surprise wedding. How amazing is that?

They invited all their guests to scrumptious little Nieve’s christening (only a handful of people knew what was about to happen) and once everyone had arrived and was waiting inside the church, the doors opened and the three of them walked down the aisle together – it was amazing to see guests’ shocked and happy faces, gasps, cheers and tears. This was one of the most special days and it was amazing to be part of it. Here are a few of my favourites from their day..
Emma & Brent-001 Emma & Brent-011 Emma & Brent-013 Emma & Brent-018 Emma & Brent-021 Emma & Brent-022 Emma & Brent-025 Emma & Brent-026 Emma & Brent-027 Emma & Brent-028 Emma & Brent-034 Emma & Brent-036 Emma & Brent-037 Emma & Brent-041 Emma & Brent-042 Emma & Brent-045 Emma & Brent-048 Emma & Brent-049 Emma & Brent-051 Emma & Brent-054 Emma & Brent-058 Emma & Brent-060 Emma & Brent-064 Emma & Brent-066 Emma & Brent-069 Emma & Brent-072 Emma & Brent-073 Emma & Brent-077 Emma & Brent-082 Emma & Brent-088 Emma & Brent-106 Emma & Brent-110 Emma & Brent-113 Emma & Brent-119 Emma & Brent-129 Emma & Brent-131 Emma & Brent-149 Emma & Brent-152 Emma & Brent-159 Emma & Brent-166 Emma & Brent-171 Emma & Brent-173 Emma & Brent-175 Emma & Brent-176 Emma & Brent-177 Emma & Brent-180 Emma & Brent-181 Emma & Brent-182 Emma & Brent-188 Emma & Brent-189 Emma & Brent-190 Emma & Brent-195 Emma & Brent-196 Emma & Brent-198 Emma & Brent-215 Emma & Brent-256 Emma & Brent-257 Emma & Brent-259 Emma & Brent-264 Emma & Brent-271 Emma & Brent-274 Emma & Brent-275 Emma & Brent-279


Lorna & Simon | Devonshire Fell, North Yorkshire

Lorna & Simon-284It’s that cold and grey time of year.. just before Spring kicks in and a little blossom appears to help lift us out of Winter.. To remedy the last of the grey days here is a little colour.. Last March Lorna and Simon married in beautiful North Yorkshire amongst wonderful friends and family. Their wedding had Spring flower details, lots of yellow, and a Krispy Kreme wedding cake – amazing. I first met Lorna when she was a bridesmaid for Steven and Natalie a few years before, and it was amazing to catch up and see her say ‘I do’ herself! Here are some favourite images from their day..Lorna & Simon-1 Lorna & Simon-2 Lorna & Simon-4 Lorna & Simon-7 Lorna & Simon-10

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Catherine & Andrew | Judges, Kirklevington

Catherine & Andrew-290It’s been a busier start to the year than I anticipated (catch up blog posts to follow) but I still have some gorgeous weddings from last year to showcase in all their glory! To start, meet the very lovely Catherine and Andrew, who married at beautiful Judges Hotel in Kirklevington. As seems to be pretty typical for English Summer weddings, it rained… quite a bit… But as is typical for British couples dealing with out hit-and-miss climate.. they got on with it and had a ball regardless. I absolutely loved Catherine’s beaded dress that she paired with lace plimsolls and how they brought in their interests for their decor (check out the cake topper – handmade by a friend!), and what made it extra special for me to shoot is that they were married by the very lovely Pam who married me and my husband back in 2011. Here are a few favourites.. Grab a cuppa and have a browse.Catherine & Andrew-001 Catherine & Andrew-005 Catherine & Andrew-006 Catherine & Andrew-008 Catherine & Andrew-012 Catherine & Andrew-014 Catherine & Andrew-016 Catherine & Andrew-018 Catherine & Andrew-020 Catherine & Andrew-023 Catherine & Andrew-024 Catherine & Andrew-025 Catherine & Andrew-028 Catherine & Andrew-031 Catherine & Andrew-032 Catherine & Andrew-034 Catherine & Andrew-039 Catherine & Andrew-043 Catherine & Andrew-046 Catherine & Andrew-047

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Amy & Joel | Crow Hill, Marsden

Amy & Joel-594

Meet Amy and Joel. This lovely pair married at Crow Hill on a wet July day, but nothing took away from how wonderful it all was. Amy herself is in weddings and events so it came as no surprise that her wedding looked so beautifully styled – she had thought of every last detail and to see all her hard work come together was amazing.. But the most amazing thing was watching these two share their day with wonderful friends and family – everyone there was really rooting for them and it was a real celebration from start to finish. Here are their wedding pictures..
Amy & Joel-001 Amy & Joel-003Amy & Joel-007Amy & Joel-004 Amy & Joel-012 Amy & Joel-015 Amy & Joel-018 Amy & Joel-020 Amy & Joel-025

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Hollie & Davide | Snod’s Edge, Northumberland

Hollie & Davide-487Hollie and Davide really do know how to plan a wedding.. and how to make it one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. So much attention to detail, care and effort went into making their day completely beautiful and a real celebration of them and everything they love. I knew Hollie was going to have an amazingly hand-crafted and vintage inspired day but seeing it all come together and how joyous they were alongside their guests throughout the whole day really made my heart sing. They can put it all better than I can and you can read their words and thoughts about their wedding over on Love My Dress.

These two, quietly and contentedly perfect for each other, began their journey on a hot May day in deep Northumberland. Here are the photos to tell the story..

Hollie & Davide-001 Hollie & Davide-010Hollie & Davide-073 Hollie & Davide-016 Hollie & Davide-019 Hollie & Davide-020 Hollie & Davide-024 Hollie & Davide-027 Hollie & Davide-031 Hollie & Davide-033 Hollie & Davide-045 Hollie & Davide-048 Hollie & Davide-049 Hollie & Davide-051 Hollie & Davide-054 Hollie & Davide-055 Hollie & Davide-058 Hollie & Davide-059 Hollie & Davide-064 Hollie & Davide-070 Hollie & Davide-075 Hollie & Davide-079 Hollie & Davide-080 Hollie & Davide-082 Hollie & Davide-084 Hollie & Davide-087 Hollie & Davide-092 Hollie & Davide-096 Hollie & Davide-098 Hollie & Davide-100

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Louise & Steven {Preview}

My beautiful best friend Louise married someone completely perfect for her, Steven, last Tuesday in sunny Arpino, Italy. To see them both so happy and knowing what a wonderful future they have in front of them made it even more special, and the next day my face ached from smiling and laughing so much.

WHAT A DAY. Completely ‘them’, elegant, fun, booze flowing, music playing (including a song written for them by musical maestro Paige Temperley), some serious shapes being thrown in the evening, the biggest wedding cake you’ve ever seen and a completely joyous atmosphere from start to finish. I’ve seen Louise looking pretty damn gorgeous in the 14 years I’ve known her but on the day she just glowed.. completely radiant. Steven, you looked pretty damn handsome too – tailor-made suit issues and new glasses aside – I know you’ll make a wonderful husband to our gorgeous Louise Caster Sugar.

Here is a preview from the day..

italian-destination-wedding-photographer-001 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-002 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-005 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-006 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-008 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-009 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-010 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-011 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-012 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-013 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-014 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-015 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-016 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-017 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-019 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-020 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-021 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-022 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-024 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-025 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-026 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-027 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-028 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-029 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-030 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-032 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-033 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-034 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-035 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-036 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-037 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-038 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-039 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-044 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-046 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-047 italian-destination-wedding-photographer-048All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.

Hollie & Davide | Preview

Hollie came to chat at a wedding fair I did early last year.. and I remember thinking she was just an absolute doll. Plus she happy-danced when I said I was free for her wedding to Davide.. so I obviously loved her even more.

There is so much to say about their amazing day.. it was styled to perfection and full of personal touches and lovingly handmade bits and pieces.. the Italian spread was out of this world.. some seriously good disco dancing went down.. I drove away to the sound of music and celebration with a huge grin on my face from ear to ear.

Here is a little preview…

northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-001 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-002 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-003 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-004 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-005 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-006 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-007 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-008 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-009 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-010 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-011 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-012 northumberland-creative-alternative-wedding-photographer-013All rights reserved. Copyright Sally T Photography.